10 desktop plants that are easy to grow and do not require much care

Desktop plants are easy to feed and do not need a lot of care. Suitable for people who do not have time. But want to keep a small tree on the desk to make it look fresh Let’s have a look at the strongest working desk trees that are perfect for the table of people who don’t have time to take care of it. Which trees should be planted?

1. Cactus

For the beginner who wants a refreshment on the desk It is recommended to turn to the cactus zone. Because newbies learn to raise trees like us Are not proficient in taking care of plants enough Plus that the cactus is a strong plant Easy to raise and grow quickly. You don’t have to give water every day to stay. Therefore it is best to choose to place it on the desk In addition, there are as many as 1,500 species. How to take care of watering only once a week and put out in the sun is enough.

2. Air Tree

Just the name sounds wonderful, right? But its shape and life are more wonderful. Because it is a plant that grows without having to enter the soil Its leaves are plump, round and slender, making them look like a spider. It also serves to bind dry soil and receive nutrients instead of roots. There are also more than 650 species to choose from. The way to take care of it is not complicated at all. To spray only 1-2 times a day, each week, the plants are soaked in water for 40 minutes and then placed on a thick cloth, desiccated and then taken out to the sun for some days.

3. Paradise tree or money tree

Heavenly Tree, Silver Leaf or Classula Tree A tree with a plump, round, small and stacked leaves. The trunk is erect and canopy shape. White and pink flowers It is a plant that prefers dry soil. It tolerates heat and drought moderately. There are more than 300 species of species. How to care. Water in the morning once a day. If you notice unusual dry soil, then you can water it. Take it out to dry in the mild sunlight in the morning and do not expose it to strong sunlight all day. Otherwise they may die.

4. Millionaire in the house

It is an ornamental plant that has the property attached to one of the toxin-absorbing trees. Suitable for planting in your home or even on your desk. We would be familiar with the Thai name of this type of wood very well. Its international name is Spider Plant or Air Plane Plant because of its slender, flat, swaying leaves and canopy shape. It resembles a spider leg or an airplane wing. As for the reason that the Thai name is Millionaire in the house Because the middle of the leaf has a long white line throughout the leaf But if the white line is on the outer edge of both sides, it is called Outdoors Millionaire How to care for it is planted in a pot with loamy soil. Watering once a week, take it out to get some light sunlight as well.

5. Aloe Vera

Organized as an herbaceous plant Jointed trunk The leaves are plump, thick and have thorns, plus inside there is a clear jelly that can be used for various purposes. In addition, there are over 300 species, each with their own unique appearance. It is also classified as a herb that is popular to grow in the house. But if you will be able to decorate your desk It is advisable to choose a small breed to raise. How to care for moderate watering Or observe the moisture of the soil If the soil is too dry, you can re-water it. Bring it to the setting for some sun exposure.

6. Tongue

It is another type of tree that qualifies in the group of trees to absorb toxins. Suitable to be planted in buildings And it is perfect to put it on your desk for refreshment. It also has a sacred meaning that can help protect us from evil. It is also an ornamental plant that is easy to raise. You don’t need to take care of it for a long time. Characteristics are monocotyledons, slender leaves, long and thick, with more than 70 species. How to care for water only once a day that the base of the plant likes low light, even without having time to take it out in the sun

7. Succulent

Succulents are becoming more and more popular among ornamental enthusiasts. With a characteristic that has leaves plump, watery and looks fresh all the time itself. Its leaves retain water so they don’t need to be watered a lot. Able to survive in hot and dry weather There are many different species. But the most popular strains are Echeveria, Sedum, and Graptopetalum. Most of them are small. Suitable for placing on the desk. How to take care of watering only once a week, taken out to set some sun exposure. And do not water it when the weather is humid Otherwise the tree will rot and die.

8. Bamboo

A clump of perennials The trunk is segmented with single and slender leaves. A popular species to be planted to decorate a desk is Kuan Yin bamboo, because it is small, easy to care for, and is a auspicious tree that brings good luck with money by caring for it. Moderate watering Even in low light If you are going to fertilize it, you should give it once a month is enough.

9. Ficus

Of course, the banyan tree that can be used to decorate a desk must be a small banyan tree. Also known as the dwarf ficus. Ficus is classified as a deciduous shrub. The leaves are cotyledons. As for the nature of the leaves, there are different forms that will differ according to each species. The leaves are slender, oval and rounded. Resistant to all weather conditions Even if the area is shining all day long. How to care for a tree that needs little water, loves dry soil and loves the sun even if you forget to take care It’s still possible.

10. Guava’s Foot

Even though the name with a Thai accent sounds a little catchy But the international name of English Ivy sounds very international. With a small shape that looks cute with 3-5 lobes, ivy can be planted in a pot. Has properties that help absorb toxins as well. Suitable for planting on the desk. The way to take care of it is not as difficult as you think because it is a plant that adapts well. Although I like the sun very much But can live in the harsh light, likes cool weather and needs a lot of water If the soil is dry or the weather is dry Then sprayed a little water to moisten the soil

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