10 Fast-growing trees for shade Helps to increase the green area to make the house cool

As you know, our country is sunny and hot most of the year. So there will be a good way Anything to help make our house more comfortable or not? Today we would like to present you a natural aid that will help reduce the heat. Add some shade to cool the house, that is, 10 trees grow fast to shade. That can be grown indoors It is a fast growing sunshade tree that Thai people are popular to plant both to decorate their homes and to create green areas. This article would like to say that home lovers do not slope!

1. Gooseberry

The gooseberry tree is an easy-to-grow tree that Thai people have planted since ancient times because the name gooseberry is synonymous with the sound of the word popular, so it is believed that if the gooseberry is planted in the house, it will make it popular. And only lovers According to the belief that gooseberry should be planted in the front of the house Can be outdoor or indoor But to plant near the main door of the house is the best. The highlight is the tree, in addition to being a tree planted in the house for shade The fruit of the gooseberry is also useful as a cure for colds and sore throats according to ancient Thai recipes. Which is rich in vitamin C makes your skin beautiful. Or you can pick up gooseberries to eat as a snack again, eat fresh or processed as a preserve. It is truly a versatile tree.

Planting method: Stalking is the most appropriate method as the plant grows faster than the seed. Or you can find gooseberry seedlings born under the gooseberry tree with a trunk height of 10-20 cm and can be moved into the ground. In addition, it should be planted in soil that looks cramped. Suitable humidity Does not require a lot of care because Gooseberry is an outdoor plant. It grows well in full sun or in the shade. The weather is the most suitable for our home.

Growing tip: The gooseberry tree will normally bear cubs. It will be more or less depending on the owner to look after. But the secret to fruitfulness is Keep incomplete pruning and nourishing with manure or decomposed compost. Plus, this method will help prevent disease as well.

2. Tamarind Tree

The tamarind tree is another fast growing sun shade tree that has been known as a sacred tree according to Thai beliefs since ancient times. Because it is believed that it will be planted with dignity, power, charisma, tamarind tree is considered to be a medium shade tree, easy to grow, fast growing. Can be used for many parts. The seeds can be roasted and eaten. Old pods are used to make tamarind juice for sour flavor in Thai food. The shoots and young tamarind leaves are also used in yams or boiled in curries to add a tangy flavor. As a result, it can be used to make many kinds of desserts. In addition, the trunk can also be used to make utensils such as a cutting board, mortar or pestle as well.

How to plant: The tamarind tree is not difficult to grow. Just prepare a hole about 60 cm deep, then add manure or compost, mix the soil in the bottom of the hole, put the branches down, plant and water to soak the tamarind plant. The main wood should be firmly supported for stability.

Planting tip: After planting, pay attention to keep the grass around and water every day. Tamarind trees can grow in almost any soil. And tolerates drought well Once grown up, it does not require much care and can grow strong.

3. The beginning of the year

Let’s take a look at the fast-growing trees that provide some shade that are more flowering plants. The tree is a perennial plant about 15 meters high with fragrant white horn-shaped flowers. Popular as an ornamental plant, the highlight is the flowers are white or pink. Has a cool scent Into a bouquet of a bouquet of clusters stacked by the end of the branch It has large inflorescences 10-35 cm long. Most of the houses that have a lot of space are also popular as the main wood of the house. Because the tree looks big and beautiful with flowers at the same time Anyone who likes romantic white flowers with a delightful scent. Planting the annual plant in the area of ​​the house is a good choice. Plus the height and leaf bushes of the climbing trees Plus, apart from providing shade, Peep flowers have a light fragrance too, really romantic.

Planting method: It can be planted with seeds or seedlings that grow around the mother plant. Moderate water requirement Can grow in the sun

Growing Tips: For beginners, plant the hibiscus early in the rainy season for the best growth and survival percentage.

4.Chat pine

The tiered pine is another sacred tree that is popularly planted because it is believed that it will bring growers honor and dignity. Has the advantage of worrying about falling leaves No need to take care of the leaves frequently. Medium early size The leaves are beautiful fresh green bush, stacked in thick scales. It is popular to grow as a plant for gardening in front of the house or balcony because it is easy to raise, tolerate the sun, just need to change the soil and water 1-2 times a week. Fence line Sonchat is the right choice for you.

How to plant: If you want a tall and large plant. To grow with seeds, the advantage is that the tree can grow quickly. With branching into layers And orderly The stems are long. But if you want to plant it into a beautiful bush Use the method of planting by cuttings Will get the pine tree that the trunk is tight, the trunk is not high, likes loamy soil Good drainage Moderate water requirement And can be fed outdoors

Tips for planting: During the first planting, the cuttings should be placed in the shade to get the dim light. As for soil preparation, planting material should be used that is cramped. And water only once a day to keep the soil moist until the cuttings are attached and the roots are formed. When growing up for a while, then switch to water 1-2 times a day.

5. Palm Trees

Palm trees are sunshade and grow quickly. Suitable for growing in a relatively wide area of ​​the house or in a garden area. Because the fan palm has a distinctive feature Has fan-shaped leaves up to 1 meter wide and can be up to 10 meters tall, 20-30 meters in diameter, beautiful plants that help shade. It is easy to care for and gives the house a modern, modern atmosphere as well.

Planting method: can be planted by seed. But for people who want to landscaping Prefer to buy trees to land at home Can be planted in all types of soil Moderate water requirement And like the full sun

Planting tip: When the plant is small, place it in good sunlight, but when it grows up it can be in full sun. Fan palm is a palm that needs a lot of water but doesn’t like wet. Therefore should be planted in a special loam mix Suitable to be planted in a wide territory. Rather than planting in a pot, it has very large leaves and is very resistant to flooding.

6. Inthaninthanin

Inthaninnam is a fast growing tree with shade and beautiful bouquet. It is a medium to large perennial, about 10-25 meters in height, beginning to shed in summer, after which the leaves will turn red, easy to care for, but may require a little diligence. But certify that the flowers are beautiful Come to see with full shade for sure.

Planting method: Soak the seeds in cold water for 2 – 4 hours, sowing by sowing the seeds into the planting plot, using loam soil about 0.5 cm thick, the seeds will germinate within 10 – 20 days. 6 cm. Suitable size of seedlings for transplanting should be 30 cm in height and 3 – 4 months old.

Planting Tips: The best time to harvest seeds is from November to January. Method of harvesting: Use a hook to cut the bunches before they break. Bring it to the sun, the fruit will crack and the seeds will fall off. Then can be cultivated

7. Bamboo

Bamboo is a fast-growing, shade-tolerant tree that is easy to grow, easy to grow, fast growing, suitable for growing as a fence plant. Line up a tree fence Or can be planted in front of the house for beauty The highlight is that it is very useful. Can be planted in a limited area or wide area. Therefore, it is suitable for any house of any size and area.

How to plant: The soil for planting should be loamy or sandy. Good drainage The optimum spacing between plants is from 3 to 5 meters for planting holes, should be at least 30 x 30 x 30 cm wide x length x depth, good sun resistance and moderate water requirement.

Planting Tips: Choose a perfect bamboo branch, not more than 1 year old. Note that the branches will not be too young and old. There are root knots, sago seed size. Pruning the branches up to 70 cm long or 2-3 segment lengths by cutting them close to the joint. Then put it in water for 1 hour and then incubate in a bucket. Ready to put water in a bucket of 1 glass to keep the humidity. Cover with a clear plastic cover. The incubation takes about 3-5 days. Observe the state of the eye, the root will shine, it will be cuttings in a black bag by mixing soil: raw husk: manure ratio 1: 1: 1 and placed in the shade. Leave it for about 2 months, the root will walk full of the bag, it can be transplanted into the soil.

8. Chompoo Phanthip

Pink Thip is a fast growing tree covering medium to large sun shade. The thick sheet leaves are dark green. The flowers are light pink. Bright pink to white Yellow flowers in the middle Into a bouquet of a cluster at the end of the branch It is popular to grow as an ornamental plant because it grows quickly, it is not difficult to grow, gives shade and has a very beautiful flower color. But when it comes to winter the leaves will fall a lot May need to be cleaned frequently But if you like flowers that provide shade, you won’t be disappointed.

How to plant: Can easily be planted in almost any soil. It is popular to grow with seeds by sprinkling seeds in pots with sand or coconut flakes and sprinkling water to soak. It doesn’t take long for a sprout to grow And when the stems are about 1 foot tall, they can be moved to an area with full sun, tolerate the sun well, do not need a lot of water, they can grow normally.

Growing Tips: If you want to plant in the fence, plant at least 4 meters away from the house to prevent rooting and broken branches, damage to the structure or the people in the home.

9. Tree ears

The ear of the ring, also known as the tree of grace. It is a fast growing tree that gives shade, long life and has a beautiful gummi shape. Most of us prefer to plant hunchback for beauty, home decoration and for shade because the trunk is tall and big, it helps to shade well. It is also believed that it is an auspicious plant that is planted to bring happiness to the members of the house as well.

How to plant: The ear is a large perennial plant. Strong and healthy roots Therefore, it should be planted at a distance of 4 – 5 meters or more in order to prevent the roots from penetrating into the foundation of the house. Can be planted outdoors Prefers loamy soil and should be watered regularly.

Planting Tip: Prefers a moist topsoil. Grass may be planted or mulch may be used to help maintain moisture. In addition, at the beginning of planting, can make crutches to maintain the shape of the trunk as well.

10. Saraphi

Finally, the Sarapee tree, which is a fast growing tree, provides shade and fragrant flowers. In addition, it was bestowed upon a sacred tree planted in Phayao Province as well. Saraphi has a trunk height of 10-15 meters. When fully grown, the trunk is a beautiful bouquet of flowers. In addition to providing shade, it is believed that planting Sarapee will help the members of the house to be healthy. Long life as well

How to plant: Prefers loamy soil and full sun. Therefore, it should be planted in an area that is not directly exposed to the sun, watering 5-7 days per time, does not need a lot of water. And should be maintained with manure 5 – 7 times a year

Planting tips : It is believed that if you want to plant Saraphi to be as auspicious as possible Should be planted in the southeast and should be planted on Saturday as well.

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