10 flower plants tolerate the sun, the more sun is out, the more beautiful

Include beautiful colored flowers suitable for hot weather for home gardening. The more the sun is, the better. Because it will make the colors of these flowers even more beautiful If you are looking for plants for landscaping just right, we recommend these 10 landscaping plants. They do not require much care, as they are great for tropical gardens and tropical climates.

1. Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a canopy perennial plant. The most popular cultivar is Sumalee, red fuchsia. They can be planted in a pot or they can let it creep along the fence. Take care by watering, but if too much may cause less flowering every 2-3 months, add a fertilizer containing high phosphorus once, prune some branches and bougainvillea will grow faster. While visiting during the cold weather Suggest to lift the pot to hide because bougainvillea does not like the cold air much.

2. Jasmine

A sacred tree that Thai people like to plant in the garden to help enhance the prosperity of life. In addition, jasmine is considered to represent pure love It also has a scent that is imbued with Thai people as well. Therefore, jasmine is one of the flowers worth mentioning. With options for planting both shrubs and ivy Size varies by species. As for the care they are similar, they are grown in well-drained loamy soils. Water well, but do not get wet, otherwise mold disease may occur. And should be set in direct sunlight In addition, it is recommended to add manure or compost 5-6 times a year along with regular pruning to look clear and beautiful.


Saiyud is considered as an ornamental plant that is most suitable for Thai people. Saiyud is a ivy that is popularly planted as a sunblock. It is unique in that it delivers a pleasant scent in the morning and disappears in the late hours of the flowering day throughout the year. Suitable for growing in loam as it can drain well. Water only once a day in the morning. And set it in a sunny place Add nitrogen fertilizer or compost only when the plant is young.

4. Tree Keaw

The glass flower has a wonderful scent that fascinates people and is grown to create another dimension to the garden. Planting glass plants in pots should use a 12-16 inch tall pot. The soil to be planted must be loamy soil mixed with compost or manure in equal proportions, moderate watering. Put it in a place that is exposed to the strong sunlight. Each year, fertilizers should be added to nutrients no more than 6 times a year and regularly change pots every 1-2 years.

5. Tamarind

The Chomnad tree is a hard vine. Flowering is a bouquet of white stars. It has a distant scent which is dubbed as the new rice flower because it smells similar to that of new rice. Most popularly planted in the garden to use as a sunshade. It is also a plant that grows well in all types of soil, especially loam. It is also a long-lived, drought tolerant, loves full sun, moderate watering in the morning and evening. But when the plant is strong enough to water only in the morning Add compost every 2-3 months.

6. Dahla

Dalah is a plant of the same family as ginger and galangal that can be used for cooking. It is also a colorful flower plant. Therefore, whether it is used to decorate the house or plant it in the garden, it is equally beautiful. Dalah plantings should be planted by digging up a garden furrow or interspersed with perennials. Take care of watering and should be watered every day during the new planting, but when the stems are starting to be strong, water only 3 days a week is enough. Regularly add fertilizer and overlay the base with leaf litter. Along with regularly removing weeds that block the light from reaching the soil

7. Supanniga

It is another sacred tree that should be planted in the garden. It is a deciduous tree with an average height of 10-15 meters, a beautiful yellow bouquet of flowers and a fragrant aroma. As for the maintenance, it is not difficult, just plant in a place that is exposed to the sun and water moderately every day. It is also a tree that is resistant to all environmental conditions. So whether the soil is bad, drought, or planted in an unstable area, it will still grow well. It is also believed that if it is planted in the house, it will add good fortune and prosperity to life.

8. Leelawadee or Lan Thom

Even though the old name sounds and feels overwhelmed, many people are still interested in planting it. Because apart from being beautiful, it also has many medicinal benefits. Plumeria is a flowering plant that likes moisture. If grown in a pot, it is recommended to water thoroughly by watering every other day. But if transplanted into the soil, water less and just once a week is enough. If so, it should be planted in full sun or planted in the sun for half a day is enough. Maintain soil with equal proportions of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers.

9. Hibiscus

The color of the hibiscus flower reminds us of freshness and auspiciousness. Because planting hibiscus in the house will help promote prosperity work Hibiscus is a shrub up to 4 meters in height, with large flowers and beautiful colors depending on the species. Care that requires special attention is to plant it in full sun. Water, but do not let it be too wet. Can grow in all types of soil But don’t forget to add compost or manure as well to keep your nutrients healthy.

10. Cattleya orchid

Cattleya is a species of orchid that has always received attention. But if you plan to plant it may need to pay extra time to pay attention to this type of flower than other flowering plants, which should be placed in clean water, placed to precipitate and at a constant temperature, not too hot or too cold. Water the little fuzz, soak them, but do not get wet. Should be watered in the morning is best. Importantly, fertilizers must be applied daily by dissolving high nitrogen fertilizers in plain water and spraying them to the roots and leaves. Do not fertilize in the sun as this will cause it to evaporate completely.

Have you seen that tropical flower plants are beautiful and able to create a refreshing atmosphere in the garden as well as winter flowers as well. For anyone looking for gardening ideas, it is recommended to try the flowering plants that we bring together today to try to decorate the garden.

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