10 flowering plants for winter, easy to raise and fresh

Let’s smile and get the cold wind along with the flowers that are worth planting during the winter. I certify that the 10 plants that are selected are easy to grow, easy to raise and fresh. And a beautiful house with a certain color To change the atmosphere in the house and in the garden to be different from the last season. As if to experience the cold wind and smell the scent of flowers in the northern park ever. As for what kind of flower plants are interesting, you have to go and see!

1. Rose

Let’s start with a romantic love flower, sweet like rose, this winter is the perfect place to grow your rose as possible. By cutting, cuttings, grafting and persistence in soil mixed with compost, leaf litter and chaff, watered to fit the size of the pot only 1 time per day, no need to place in direct sunlight Set to be in the sunny place is enough

2. Daisy

Daisy is one of the most common flower plants that can bring smiles to people. That may be because this flower is a symbol of pure love. If you want to have it to decorate your house for a long time, it should be planted with sandy loam. Daisies don’t like waterlogging, so just water it once a day. Bring it to the setting to get some good sun exposure.

3. Love

The beautiful colors of the dahlia are great for decorating your home this winter. There are many ways to grow dahlia, such as seeds, cuttings, grafting with tubers, the soil used should be soil that is very moist by bringing dry leaves, nut shells or straw to cover the soil. To keep the moisture in balance and set it in the direct sunlight Just as the dahlia will bloom in the cold weather for us to rejoice.

4. Cornice

The ground lotus looks like the well-known lily, but differs in size and stem. Which there are many varieties of land lotus Plant by putting tubers and seeds into pots to help the soil drain. Set to be exposed to strong sunlight Although known as lotus, but does not like waterlogged like most lotus grows well in the rainy season and winter.

5. Cabbage

Don’t think “Decorative cabbage” beautiful flowers can only be grown in the North. Since the cold wind has visited this size, I must have found a way to plant it. The seedlings should be planted in a loose soil with 1-2 compost. When flowering, weak leaves are recommended to be removed. Water regularly, not to run out. The benefits of this type of flower are not just for viewing. Because you can take the leaves and eat them too

6. Butterfly

Butterfly flowers are short shrubs that look like butterfly wings and come in a variety of different colors. Propagate by planting seeds and cuttings in loamy soil, does not like waterlogged, watered, but not wet. Suitable for growing in the coldest climate.

7. cockscomb

The cockscomb is another colorful plant that is very worthy of a winter garden. Make sure to mix the shells and shrimp shells to fully add nutrients to the soil. The cockscomb seeds are planted in the prepared soil, watered so that they are moistened, and the cockscomb pots are exposed to full sun. The density of colors in the cockscomb will instantly warm up the atmosphere in the house.

8. Jasmine

Not that winter, then we have to plant only winter flowers. Jasmine is another interesting Thai flower, which there are many varieties, but we choose to plant. First, the soil must be mixed evenly with rice husk and then watered. Take the old branches with 3 or more joints and instill them in the soil. Water only 1-2 times a day. Do not water too much, as this can lead to rot.

9. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is a species that can bloom all year round. It is equally good to be planted in winter. Should be planted by the seed method. But for such cold climates, we recommend propagating by cuttings in sandy loam. Water only in the morning to prevent mold that may occur with chrysanthemums.

10. Cyclamen

Although cyclamen is a flowering plant that grows only in cold climates. But not that the Thai people will not have the opportunity to plant it when Just take extra care, it will grow. The method of planting, we use the seeds that can be bought in the market, common trees, planted in well-drained loam. Do not water directly on the plant. Set in the harsh sunlight In addition to the beautiful colors, the cyclamen also has a nice scent that is suitable for planting in pots to move into buildings as well.

If anyone is looking for flowers for landscaping, then Try to get the flowers that we have to offer today, let’s take a look. I can assure you that Your garden may become a bright addition to your home in winter.

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