10 herbs for thinning properties

Losing weight can be done with “nutrition”, one of the nutrition that can cause weight loss is “herbs”, Thai vegetables, but the properties are numerous. Both in terms of maintaining health Disease prevention Including help with “weight loss” is considered very effective. Just bring it added to each meal only. Introduced today It’s not a rare ingredient or vegetable at all. Can be said that there is in the market and our kitchen for sure We went to know the properties of herbs to help you lose weight at the same time, girls.


1. Lemon


“Lemon” is an important aid in “weight loss” after waking up to drink lemon juice first by squeezing 1 lemon into 1 glass of warm water. Recommended to drink on a daily basis. Because lemon helps detox toxins from the body. And burn fat in the intestines as well, making it easier for women to excrete Which can help you lose weight Also in lemons There is still a lot of vitamin C that helps nourish the skin. Including expectoration, coughing and scurvy


2. Ginger


“Herbs” this miracle if you want to “lose weight” ginger with hot effects will help “lose weight” as well. Because it has properties in helping digestion Help burn fat And reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body It also alleviates inflammation wounds as well. See? … In Thai food There is always ginger as an ingredient. If convenient, it is recommended to add ginger to green tea. To sip in the afternoon It will help fight free radicals as well.




When we eat the pepper We will feel hot, hot, that’s it. The famous properties of “herbs” of this kind of hot pepper. Will help burn excess fat Burns energy in the body And helps to better metabolize glycogen When the body burns well Therefore contributing to “weight loss” better


4. Roselle


Thai red “herbs” that are useful, not allergic to the berries of the guava family. Because in addition to being rich in various vitamins Also helps to lose weight as well Because it contains substances that help increase the good fats contained in the body And eliminate bad fats from our body at the same time It is also a mild laxative to help women with constipation as well. MIRROR recommends that girls seek drinking on a regular basis. Because Roselle also reduces blood sugar, fat and kills bacteria in the gut as well. It really is said that the properties are infinite.


Safflower is a food additive on wooden surface

5. Safflower


“Herbs” of this type, we use the flowers and seeds. In which safflower is popular to dry To make safflower tea Then drink to nourish the nerves, nourish the heart and nourish the blood It also helps drive the menstrual cycle to be normal. Treatment of dermatitis, swelling, bruises and bruises by research also found that … safflower properties “lose weight” because it can help reduce cholesterol levels. Reduce clogged fat And can reduce blood sugar levels Also suitable for obese patients.


6. Basil seed


“Herbs” that are famous for “lose weight” for a long time. And the properties of “basil seed” are really so In addition to not generating energy. Inflation of basil seeds Also helps us to be full longer There are also many advantages of helping to excrete bad cholesterol from the body. Because basil seed contains fibers that help absorb fat, bad fat is excreted along with the fibers of the basil seed. Reduce the risk of heart disease. And also as a laxative Helps reduce constipation during urination as well.



7. Stevia


“Stevia” or “herbal” Stevia alternatives that are popular now. Because it has properties that are used to replace the sweetness of sugar And still taste the same sweetness The advantage of stevia is … no calories compared to “sugar” that provides energy as high as 15 calories per 1 teaspoon, plus the carbohydrates are attached as well. Want to have a playful calculation, see how many teaspoons of sugar in a glass of pearl tea? Let’s count the number. The time that the staff of the brewing shop let us drink every day. How much sugar is there This is the main benefit in terms of “weight loss”, but there are many other properties, such as reducing blood sugar. Reduce blood fat Nourish the liver and nourish it at the same time, very good. Lady MIRROR everyone.


8. Holy Basil


Holy basil has important properties in “weight loss” is to help excrete fat and sugar. Plus keeps the body warm Prevent flu With the effect of driving the wind Solve colic, tight stomach as well. In addition, “Basil” also helps inhibit the growth of pathogens. And can help kill some types of microorganisms as well


9. Garlic


The properties of garlic is to help in sweating, expelling wind and preventing constipation. Solve high blood pressure, reduce fat, reduce cholesterol It can help alleviate skin diseases and colds. Eating fresh garlic. The more you benefit as well Because all of the above properties are still in full The important thing is that it is different from the garlic that has been cooked through the process.


10. Gourd


And the last vegetable that helps “lose weight” is “gourd” that has properties to help lower blood sugar levels, nourish eyesight and reduce indigestion. It is important for women with constipation. Gourd can be used as a laxative and laxative as well.

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