10 herbs to relieve gastritis without medication

Gastric disease can happen to everyone. Even more well nowadays Especially working people who may not eat on time Or experience stress from work that results in the aggravation of gastric acid leading to symptoms of gastritis Which most of the treatment of stomach disease will receive antacids Gastric ulcer coating medication Some people say it’s too difficult to eat, whether it’s the tablet type that needs to be chewed or the astringent liquid on the tongue. Therefore, jar dot com offers herbal treatment for stomach disease. That can actually help alleviate symptoms And also a nearby herb It is not difficult to maintain.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric essential oils have properties to relieve abdominal pain, flatulence, colic, expel wind, so turmeric is commonly used to heal stomach ulcers. Cleansing the intestines Cure stomach disease By the people who bought the turmeric powder to eat themselves Use 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed with 1 glass of water (not full) and eat. Turmeric, which flows through various internal organs, can also nourish that organ, through the throat to help expel dust mites in the throat, through the lungs to help the lungs breathe better, through the spleen reduces fat. The lymph is not damaged, through the stomach will help heal the stomach ulcer, through the intestines will help heal the ulcer in the intestine. And through the liver, it will nourish the liver Degreasing in the liver

2. Aloe vera

Fresh jelly of aloe vera has properties to help heal stomach ulcers as well. By how to use it, choose to use the lowest leaf of the tree first. Bring it to rinse thoroughly. Peel the green off Wash off the yellow latex completely. Because it may irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions Then scrape out clear jelly and eat 2 times a day.

3. Okra

The outstanding properties of okra is a herb that can help heal stomach ulcers. In 2004, research found that Glycosylate compounds (Glycosylated compounds), which contain polysaccharides. (Polysaccharides) and glycoproteins. (Glycoproteins) in okra. Has an inhibitory effect on the ability of bacteria Helicobacter pylori (Helicobacter pylori) in the adhesion of the gastric epithelium. This bacteria itself is the major cause of stomach ulcers. But the substance glycosylates Will have a reduced effect when heated Therefore, the recipe for gastritis, use the okra pods, cut in the sun, crushed thoroughly, eat 1 tablespoon each time by dissolving it in water, milk, juice or soft food 3-4 times a day after meals ( When dissolving, it will get a sticky solution)

4. Noni

Noni has a bitter effect. The outstanding properties of noni will help treat GERD better. But the effects of using noni to treat GERD are also good for the stomach. Because noni substances will accelerate the healing of stomach ulcers. It also reduces the acute inflammation of the stomach due to the influence of alcohol.

5. Little Crow

Plao Noi is an herb that contains Disterpene alcohol that has a good healing effect in the stomach And can also heal stomach ulcers because it can stimulate the production of lost intestinal tissue Make stomach ulcers heal faster Including the little Crow also has properties to help reduce gastric acid secretion as well. By using the young leaves to dry, ground thoroughly and bring to a boil or brew drinking water.

6. banana head

Banana flower is not just a breast milk nourishing herb. But the rubber from the cotton bud also has the effect of helping to heal stomach ulcers for us as well. By the way of use, use the banana leaf to burn. Then squeezed only the water Shift to about half a glass Drink before meals The taste may be a little difficult to eat, but the ancient saying If eating continuously for 3 days, the symptoms of gastritis may be cured at all.

7. Amla

Makhampom has a sour, astringent, bitter taste similar to the Thai anchor. The amla also has properties to help heal stomach ulcers. Reduce excess stomach acid And nourishes many parts of the body including the stomach Which way to eat amla to treat gastritis, eat amla powder 4 times a day, 1-2 teaspoons each time before meals and before bedtime.

8. Bananas

In the flesh and banana peel contains serotonin. Which is a substance that inhibits the secretion of gastric juice of the stomach And stimulate the small intestine to squeeze more Thus helping to heal stomach ulcers By the way of use, just take the whole mature raw banana (and peel), wash it with water and cut it into thin slices like sliced ​​cucumber with fried rice. Finished and spread it into the tray Do not overlay the banana slices, dry them in a few sun rays, and then put them in a mortar thoroughly. By pounding it while keeping from the new sun, because the banana is still crisp, it will make it easy to pound. Then store into a wide-mouth jar with a tight lid, use 2 tablespoons at a time, mixed with a glass of water. Will help improve symptoms

9. Guava

Guava contains a lot of tannins. This substance has an astringent effect. And tannins in guava also inhibit the spread of pathogens Helps to heal the stomach and intestines. By helping to reduce inflammation of the stomach and intestines And help reduce nausea and vomiting It also helps the symptoms of intestinal stiffness. It can relieve abdominal pain. Therefore, anyone with stomach disease can eat farangs to relieve symptoms.

10. Cabbage

Vegetables like cabbage are high in vitamin C. In addition, cabbage contains the nutrient glutamine that stimulates the stomach to build up the lining of the stomach wall quickly. Makes ulcers in the stomach and intestines heal quickly. Therefore it can be used as food in the treatment of gastritis as well. By the way to eat, it is recommended to eat fresh. Or squeezed into cabbage juice and then drank Which will preserve the nutritional value better than being cooked

Who is not okay with all types of gastric coating But I would like to cure gastritis completely. These 10 herbs to treat gastritis would be another good choice and worth trying.

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