10 large trees that have a good form

Of course, big trees are essential elements in the garden, some are planted for shade. Some were planted to show their form. Some were planted to deliver the scent. And the minimalist garden also has many popular plants that are used and used and hit by many types that we have come to recommend, if you are ready, let’s go and have a look.

1. Early gourds

Suitable for planting as an ornamental plant in gardens and fields that need sway. Branches spread horizontally. The shape of the branches is not exact. It is a tree that does not require much maintenance. Fast growing Tolerates drought as well

2. Ma Mao, Mak Mao

Suitable for planting near the house, on the balcony or on the patio. Can be shade as well, the flowers are small, yellowish white and smell.

3. Tree Jik Talay

Planted along the edge of a pond or waterfall, grows quickly, tolerates the sun, can withstand strong winds, canopy shape, is beautiful. Red flowers are released during the months of November to March, easy to feed.

4. Gardenia tree, gardenia flowers, one hundred garlands

It is suitable for small homes with a canopy, stems, leaves, flowers, or beautiful fruit.

5. Silver Oak

Suitable for outdoor planting and shade. Silver leaves Flutter with the wind and is resistant to soil conditions. And have a good adaptation to the environment

6. The Palai

Planted as an ornamental plant in the garden, wind resistant, sun resistant, should be planted in a place not close to water sources. Because they do not tolerate waterlogging

7. Krai sagging

Planted as a main wood by the water in the garden, along the walkway, in the park.


Suitable for outdoor planting to provide shade in the field, watering, and fences, easy to grow, fast growing, beautiful tree shape, easy to raise.

9. The guava tree

Popular to show the shape. Planted near the waterfront, beautiful tree shape, slow growing, like moisture. Suitable to be planted in the wet. Wind resistant, water resistant, sun resistant

10. Krating

Can be planted for shade in the yard or along the fence, can be planted in full sun. It has a dense canopy that can provide good shade. With white flowers emitting a faint scent throughout the day

Big trees, perennial trees in the garden, making the garden beautiful, shady, good aesthetics, benefits and advantages, there are many other things that we can get from big trees. Depending on the reasons according to the needs of choosing to use Most of them are recommended to be trees with beautiful shape. Clear form It is mainly based on a minimalist modern garden style and is still a popular plant for gardening.

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