10 outdoor garden flowers Ready to deliver a smelly scent

Outdoor garden flowers Landscaping trees help create vibrant colors. The garden is attractive. Ready to emit a light scent throughout the house throughout the day Help to refresh the atmosphere in the garden It also emits a pleasant scent that makes you feel relaxed.

1. Jasmine

Jasmine is a shrub about 1-2 meters high. The flowers have a unique fragrance. Propagated by cuttings By taking the branches that are semi-soft, semi-mature, 4 inches long, the leaves are pinched into loam soil mixed with sand, rice husk and manure. To be transplanted into a seedling bag until strong. And then transplanted into a large pot Take care of it by watering 2 times a day, being careful not to get too wet, add manure, set the pot to the full sun. Pruning to the tree with some buds.

2. Glass

In addition to planting in the garden You can also plant a glass tree to make a fence line. In addition, at night it smells far throughout the garden ever. If planting, it will be easier to find a seedling variety. It was planted in a pit mixed with compost, size 30×30 cm. Care and watering 3 times a day, set in the sun. Regularly add compost or manure 5 times a year, but if grown in pots, they should change pots. So that the roots grow fully

3. Roses

Roses are beautiful flowers. Has a unique fragrance And many more properties There are many varieties and different colors. The planting method must be meticulous and cared for in order to get good results. Starting from bringing the desired variety of leaves From the first 5 leaves down and then cultivated in a seeding bag with soil mixed fertilizers, watered in the morning, first day in the sun for about 1 hour and an additional 1 hour per day in the following days until the end of 7 days. Will open new eyes Plant it in a pot with 3 inches of secondary soil, fill it with soil, and cover the base with coconut fluff that has been soaked in water for one night. The soil must be well drained. It does not flow through slowly and not too fast. Put it in the sun for 6 hours a day, watering at the base of the plant 2 times a day, do not let the soil become wet until mold disease.


The ivy that leaves the wide leaves to help shade the sun. And the flowers are yellowish yellow Emits a fresh scent throughout the garden. Saiyud planting is commonly grown with seeds. By bringing saiyud seeds to be planted in loam mixed with compost or manure To maintain fertile soil Water thoroughly once a day, but be careful not to be too wet. And is a flowering plant that likes the sun a lot

5. Peep

Another one of the sacred trees that Thai people are popular to plant in their homes. Because he believed that he would give luck in matters of wealth And a large perennial Pinkish white flowers Emits a faint scent throughout the garden. The planting method starts from planting the seeds into a hole size 50x50x50 centimeters, adding loam and compost in equal proportions. Maintain moderate watering Do not let too wet, like the sun, apply fertilizer 4-5 times a year, important to measure the distance from the house to get the right shade too.

6. Mok

Although the Mok tree looks similar to the glass tree But what is not the same is The Mok tree will emit a fresh scent all day. Unlike the tree that smells good at night Used to make a barrier to the house fence. It is a small perennial plant that can add auspiciousness to the house as well. To grow the Mok tree, the perfect plant must be planted in a pot or a planting hole with loam soil mixed with manure and coconut fluff. Maintain moderate watering Do not let the water stagnate Maintain fertilizers 4 times a year and set them in direct sunlight.

7. Gardenia

In addition to emitting a fragrant smell It is also an auspicious tree that is believed to help growers succeed in life as well. Gardenia is a large perennial plant. Leaves a thick canopy. Propagated by seeds To be transplanted into the pit, mixed with compost or manure. The size of the hole is about 50x50x50 centimeters, moderate watering, requires special care of waterlogging, loves the sun and fertilizes 3-4 times a year.

8. Kannika

Classified as a medium-sized shrub with a height of 2-4 meters, Thai people like to plant it as well. The flowers will bloom at night. Has a strong scent White flowers all year round It can also be used as an herb. Expanded by seeds and cuttings. Into loam soil mixed with manure To have an abundance of nutrients Put it in a sunny place. To maintain soil moisture Water well, but do not become wet. Focus on the root of the tree Otherwise the flower will rot easily. And regularly pruning to make new shoots constantly

9. Watching

Another ivy that can be used to make a sunshade. Because it emits a long fresh scent and also has medicinal properties How to transplant the seedlings to be planted in a pit, sandy soil mixed with manure or compost. Take care to water and moisten, but not wet twice a day, and after the plant has matured, switch to water only once a day, set to sufficient sunlight To produce a lot of flowering And maintenance with compost once a month

10.Seven layers of onion

Medium shrub Flowering in a bouquet of white and yellow. The highlight is that it delivers a sweet scent that lasts all day long. Popular propagated by the King. Because just wait 2 months, the roots will grow out. But it can also be planted with seed. Which in this way will make the tree stronger By planting the seeds into sandy loam soil Take care of watering regularly. Focus on water, but must not be wet until waterlogged, prefers full sun, the flowers will be white and will gradually turn yellow.

For people looking for outdoor flowers to grow at home And want flowers that smell all day long Feel fresh every time since opening the door. 10 flowers planted outdoors, it is a very interesting choice anyway.

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