10 perennial trees, easy to grow, beautiful flowering

For people with a relatively wide garden size Planting a perennial would be the first choice for arranging and decorating a garden. They are known to be quite large, hardy, and provide excellent shade. In which if anyone is interested in planting trees But I want a tree that is outstanding in beauty and easy to plant with each other, we have collected these beautiful easy-to-grow perennials already. If you want to know what to have Let’s go see

1. Ratchapruek

The Ratchaphruek tree or the multiplication tree (Indian Laburnum) has the scientific name Cassia fistula Linn. Is the national tree of Thailand. And is considered an auspicious perennial tree that is believed to be planted in the southwest of the house It will help the residents to be prosperous, honorable and famous.

The tree is characterized by a deciduous tree with an upright trunk, about 5-15 meters high, with glossy green leaves. Which is mostly used in the exorcism ceremony The flowers are quite large. Has a yellow or yellowish-green color Looks outstanding because it is released together in a bouquet Hanging down from a branch But can easily fall off The Ratchaphruek trees are popularly planted and propagated by the seed method. By selecting the seeds from the mature pods and transplanting them into the soil Which I must say that the Ratchaphruek tree can be planted well in all types of soil, loves less water but needs plenty of sunlight.

2. Kanlapaphruek

The Kalpapruek tree (Horse Cassia) is the scientific name of Cassia grandis Linn. It is a medium sized tree with outstanding beauty of another species. That the ancients believed If the Kanlapaphruek plant is planted in the southwest part of the house, it will help make life successful. Because the Kalapapruek tree is a symbol of victory And is considered a sacred tree according to the Buddha legend

With a height of 5-15 meters, leaves a panel with a thin, smooth tip, the flower is a bouquet of branches. Pinkish white There are yellow stamens in the middle of the flowers. And smells quite fragrant It also has a long, round pod with seeds inside. Planted with sandy loam mixed with manure or compost at a rate of 2: 1 part set to be exposed to sunlight, watering 7-10 days / time, add manure or compost 3-4 times a year. Beautiful shade to decorate the garden. However, it should be planted Kalapapruek away from the house a little. Because this type of tree is a tree with wide branches

3.Luang Pridiyathorn

The Yellow Tree Pridi Yathorn (Silver Trumpet Tree) has the scientific name Tabebuia argentea Britt. It is a small, deciduous perennial. The height does not exceed 8 meters and branches into layers. The leaves are finger-shaped, greenish white, hard and hairy, the flowers are bright yellow into a bunch, looking beautiful and eye-catching. It will flower a lot during the months of February to March. As for how to plant and maintain it is easy. Grows medium fast. Prefers well-drained loamy soils. And likes full sun, but the flowers fall quite often and a lot Therefore must always be kept clean and kept clean

4. Guppy tail

The Flame of the Forest (Flamboyant, Flame of the Forest) is the scientific name of Delonix regia (Bojer ex Hook.) Raf. Is a medium-sized, deciduous perennial with outstandingly beautiful flowers, approximately 10-18 meters in height. The leaves are composed of two layers of feathers arranged alternately. The flower is a bouquet at the end of the branch. There are red, orange, red, orange and yellow with a lot of flowers during the months of April to June.

As for how to plant and maintain Can be done by seeds By cutting the seed off a little first Because it consumes quite thick If not, circumcision may be slower than normal. Which is generally The guppy tree will grow fast, easy to raise and grow well in all types of soil. But will like a soil that drains well. Moderate water requirement Needs sunshine all day long It also tolerates drought well. It should be planted at a distance of about 6-10 meters from the house because this tree has a rather large trunk and roots. If planted too close, it can damage the house. It should be planted at least 5 meters away from the house.

5. Chompoo Pantip

Pink Trumpet Tree or Tabebuya Scientific name is Tabebuia rosea (Bertol.) DC. It is a medium to large deciduous perennial plant, 8-12 m tall, its branches spread into a bush with mixed leaves spreading like palm leaves. Featured in the beautiful pink flowers To fall on the ground like a cherry blossom festival in Japan

The nectar is a shade tree, grows quickly, is strong and durable, rarely has disease or insect infestation. Can live in all weather conditions Flooding, waterlogging, it can endure Plus not difficult to take care of Can be grown in almost all types of soil. But prefer drained and well-ventilated soils But should be planted at least 1 meter away from the house. Because the branches are fragile Fall easily Including the flowers are still spread quite a lot on the ground. Therefore need to leave the planting spacing to fit And regularly take care of cleaning the house on a regular basis

6. Kaew Chao Chom

The Kaew Chao Chom (Lignum Vitae) has the scientific name Guaiacum officinale. It is a rather spherical shrub. Single flower in a cluster at the top. Have a teal, purple or turquoise color The flowers are fragrant, light and beautiful, very eye-catching, and the flowers of Kaew Chao Chom also contain powder that can be extracted to nourish the body as well.

As for the method of growing and propagating Kaew Chao Chom is popular with seeds. Because there are quite a lot of seeds The Kaew Chao Chom is a tree that is not difficult to grow. Can grow well in all types of soil, easy to cultivate, just leave it in full sun. Moderate water requirement But be careful not to plant too close to other trees. Because the tree Kaew Chao Chom will grow slowly Causing other trees to obscure Until it could make the tree Kaew Chao Chom not become a bush

7. Palas

The Flame of the Forest (Flame of the Forest) is scientifically known as Butea monosperma. It is a tree that the ancient Thai people believed that if planted in the south, it would cause a lot of money to flow into the house. Because it is a tree with auspicious name Plus beautiful flowers like gold It looks like a medium-sized, deciduous perennial, about 12-18 meters high, the branches are broken off, not neat. The leaves are round into a bouquet, the flowers are red, orange or red. Relatively large size Which will leave a bouquet similar to the Thong Lang flower The flowers are arranged in groups and will be released most during the months of December to February.

Which for planting and care To mix loam with compost or manure at a rate of 2: 1, spaced appropriate distance from the house. Because Palas is a fairly large canopy. As for the water, it should be watered for 7-10 days / time, set to be exposed to intense sunlight or outdoor, and use compost or manure to put at the beginning of 3-5 times a year as well.

8. Saraphi

Sarapee (Salapee) scientific name Ochrocarpus siamensis is a medium-sized flowering plant, 12-20 meters high, is a non-deciduous perennial plant with a slightly erect stem. The end of the branch is usually hanging down to the trunk. Oval leaves The flower is a single bouquet of branches. Has a white color and emits a fragrant smell Directly in the center of the flower is a small yellow circle of stamens, which the ancient people believed that if planted Sarapee at home, it will make it last for a long time. Also, if planted in the east, it will help strengthen the fortune. No trouble And only prosperity Stay cool

For planting, use loamy soil with moderate moisture mixed with manure or compost at a rate of 1: 3 parts by planting Sarapee in a place that is exposed to light or moderate sunlight, away from the house. 7 days / time, including regular use of manure or compost 3-4 times a year

9. Mok

Moke tree (Wrightia religiosa Benth) is a medium-sized plant, 5-12 m tall, branching out around the trunk, irregularly, oval leaves, rounded tip, pointed base, smooth, partial flowers. Into a short bunch on the tip of the branch, facing down, the ground is white, beautiful, emitting a faint scent Makes you feel fresh all day long. It is believed that growing the Mok tree at home will help bring happiness. Pure And safety with people in the house

In growing Mok, use loamy soil with moderate moisture mixed with manure or compost at a rate of 1: 2 parts. As for the water, it should be watered for 5-7 days / time and add manure or compost 4-6 times a year.

10. Lamduan

Lamduan (Lamdman) is the scientific name of Melodorum fruticosum Lour. It is a medium-sized perennial, about 5-10 m tall. The leaves are lanceolate, elongated, oval, pointed at the base of the leaves, smooth and slightly wavy. The flowers are out on the shoots and the stinging of the yellow leaves are small and fragrant. It is believed that if any house is planted from Lamduan, it will be very refreshing. And if so, it should be planted in the northwest as well

Easy for planting and care, just use loamy soil for planting. Spaced enough distance from the house, watering every 5-7 days, set to moderate sunlight. Ready to add manure or compost about 3-5 times a year, then there will be a beautiful and fragrant Duan tree to decorate your home garden.

We can tell you that each of the trees we offer is hardy, easy to grow, and has strikingly striking flowers, so if you’re looking for a great gardening plant, don’t miss out on planting one of these trees.

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