10 sacred trees to plant for fortune and call for wealth

Besides trees that provide shade and fruit trees Today, people also plant auspicious trees to enhance the goodness of each other in their lives. Which is one of the most popular types of auspicious trees Fortune tree Because it helps to call for money and gold To bring wealth to the people of the house But what trees are planted and rich? Do not wait. Today we collect information. Along with the characteristics and methods of taking care of each other

1. Supachok

Supachok (Money Tree, Guiana Chestnut, Malabar Chestnut or Saba Nut), scientifically known as Pachira aquatica, is a plant that grows naturally and is found in tropical areas. Useful Both flowers and seeds are used in cooking. Planted as an ornamental plant for beauty. It is also a sacred tree to give fortune to the people who plant. In accordance with Feng Shui principles, Supachok is believed to be a tree that helps suck money into your home or office. If planted, it gives good luck, wealth and wealth. Plus the English name has a good meaning as well.

The appearance is a small to medium perennial plant, 5-6 meters high, the branch is a layer of leaves, a finger-shaped leaf, spear shape, pointed tip, smooth, green, glossy, with 5 sub-leaves, flowers into a bouquet of white lines. Fragrant at night But in most cases, if grown indoors, it will not bloom. The fruit is oval, hard shell with enough seeds inside. Popular to propagate by planting seeds, grafting and grafting, not difficult to care, can be cultured indoors. Do not be exposed to a lot of light. Prefers shade and moderate temperatures. Should avoid fertilizing during the first year.

2. Guanyin Bamboo

Kuan Yin bamboo or Kuan Yin (Lucky Bamboo or Chinese Water Bamboo) is the scientific name Dracaena braunii Engl. The synonymous name is Dracaena sanderiana, which originated from Africa. Is a sacred name tree Asians believe that planting will bring money, fortune, happiness and prosperity to the people of their homes. It also helps ward off the evil and the bad feeling. The number of bamboos has a hidden meaning as well: 3 stalks represent happiness, wealth, and long life. 5-6 stalks represent wealth and good fortune. 7 stalks represent good health and optimal positions. There will be a Kuan Yin bamboo plant in front of the house, sure enough.

It is a low shrub, about 1 meter high, with erect stems and articulated joints. The stalks split on top according to the leaf clause, alternate, spear-shaped, pointed, green, different by species. The flower is a bouquet of fruit in a small sphere, popular to propagate by cuttings, grow quickly, easy to care, do not need much attention. Use smaller pots to limit the size. Can be grown both in soil and in water. If planted in the soil should use loam. If grown in water, the roots should be exposed to water all the time. Like sunshine Need a lot of water But you should avoid tap water and use filtered water or rain water instead. Make sure to add liquid fertilizers every month and trim them often.

3. Female

Betel nut (Hawaiian Ti Plant or Cordyline) Scientific name Cordyline fruticosa (L.) Goeppert is an auspicious tree believed to be that if a house planted a female betel nut. It will bring good fortune and money to the people of the house.

It is a small to medium tall shrub. Approximately 1-3 meters in height. Stems are round, erect, with frequent, alternating leaves, spear shape, pointed tip, smooth edge, slightly wavy surface, many colors such as green, red, green, yellow. And reddish green A bouquet of flowers Yellowish white or magenta Small spherical effect With a lot of seeds inside Planting and care is not difficult. Prefers well-drained soil Likes humidity and moderate sunlight. And does not like cold weather

4. Spotted Betel

Spotted betel (Devil’s ivy, Golden pothos or Hunter’s-robe) has the scientific name Epipremnum aureum, in addition to being grown as an ornamental plant. Can also be planted as a sacred tree It is believed that this tree can bring good fortune and money into your home or office. It also has excellent air purification and detoxification properties.

Characteristics are cypress wood. Glides on the floor of columns or other trees The branches are light green and yellow with a long stroke. Leaves alternate, oval shape, succulent, pointed tip, concave edge, smooth edge, popular to propagate by cuttings, not difficult to care, need moderate water and faint sunlight.

5. Indian tires

Indian rubber (Rubber Plant or India Rubber Fig) has a scientific name that Ficus elastica is an auspicious tree. Because of the rounded leaves, it represents wealth, wealth and prosperity in feng shui principles. People therefore prefer to plant them in their homes to help bring money, luck and success. It is also a tree that purifies the air, removes pollution and reduces stress. The proper position should be in the entrance or wealth corner of the house.

It is a non-deciduous perennial plant with white latex and air roots. The leaves are alternate, oval shape, large, slender tip, thick, hard sheet base. There are many colors by species such as green, yellow, red, flowers into a small bouquet. The result is a round, ellipse. Planting and care is not difficult. Popular propagated by cuttings and grafting. Can grow in all types of soil But prefers well-drained soils Resistant to drought, tolerate sunlight. But should be placed in an area that will not be exposed to direct sunlight is best

6. Class Sula

Classesula or as many people know as the Heavenly Tree Or the money tree (Crassula, Jade Plant or Money Plant) has the scientific name Crassula ovata in feng shui believed. If anyone is planting a klassula at home or at work, it will bring good luck, wealth and success. The rounded leaves represent money and positive energy. It is also commonly used as a gift to people who are about to start a business.

It is succulent, canopy, smooth branches, thick round leaves, shiny skin, jade green, some species have red or yellow edges. Pinkish white flowers Ready to deliver a sweet scent during winter, very little care but longevity Drought tolerant, moisture tolerant as well. Should be planted in well-drained soil. And set aside for the moderate sun to shine But do not expose to the sun too much Otherwise it may cause the leaves to burn and rot. Water only when the soil is dry. And don’t forget to add coconut cloves to help retain moisture in the soil.

7. Swedish ivy

Swedish Ivy (Swedish Ivy) is scientifically known as Plectranthus verticillatus), originating from South East Africa. People like to plant a sacred tree. Help increase fortune And attract money into the house It is also beautiful, suitable as a decorative plant as well.

Characteristic is a small perennial plant. Or ground cover, the leaves are round, soft, succulent and shiny, beautiful green, some species have a dark purple color below. The flowers are white, light purple and light pink. Out all year round It is not difficult to plant and care. It can be both a hanging plant, mulch and a potted plant, but if you are growing in a pot, it should be placed in a high or open place. So that the branches spread easily Prefers fertile soil Grows well in semi-shaded or cool areas. Moderate water requirement Be careful not to expose it to direct sunlight as it may burn the leaves.

8. Pilea

Pilea, or as many people may be known as the UFO pancake tree (Chinese Money Plant, Pancake Plant, or UFO Plant) is the scientific name Pilea peperomioides. Is a sacred tree Help bring money, fortune and positive energy into the house. Plus the appearance is attractive Therefore suitable for decoration for beauty Originated from Yunnan Province

The trunk is erect, succulent, grows about 30 centimeters, leaves round, shiny shield-like, long green petiole, beautiful, not very difficult to take care of. Should be placed near a window facing west. In order to receive the full sun But be careful not to be exposed to direct sunlight. And keep watering when the soil is dry

9. Basil

Holy Basil, scientific name Ocimum tenuiflorum, is a familiar herb and vegetable garden. But in addition to being able to cook and repel mosquitoes This tree is also auspicious. Believe that if grown in the house will help bring wealth, prosperity and prosperity. And good health to people as well

It is an herbaceous plant, round trunk, many branches, small oval leaves, serrated edges, different colors for each species such as green, purple and reddish brown. The fragrance is strong to quite pungent. The flower is a small bouquet of white or reddish purple oval shape with a small seed inside. Popular propagated by seeds and cuttings. Prefers well-drained sandy loam. Should be watered every morning – evening and set to be exposed to the sun all day. But if grown in the house Set it by a window facing south or west instead.


Kum Quat is the scientific name of Citrus japonica Thunb. It is another auspicious tree that adds fortune to the growers. It is classified in the Citrus family (Citrus) with the orange, lemon and lemon trees, which according to Chinese Feng Shui believe. It can attract money, good luck and prosperity into your home. Which if planted in the garden can be as big as any But if planted in the house should be a little smaller. And prefer to set it in the kitchen

It is a medium-sized shrub with a tight bush with spines on the branches, alternating oval shape, pointed tip, smooth edges, thick, glossy texture. Dark green The flowers are single, white, fragrant, spherical, yellowish-green or yellow-orange when old. Popular to propagate by grafting, seed and persistence, prefers well-drained soils. Likes moderate water and plenty of sunlight. Which aside from goodness and auspiciousness It is also grown as an ornamental plant, home decoration and edible fruit.

I got to know the sacred tree planted for fortune and these 10 trees to anyone who is looking for a sacred tree to decorate a house or shop. Try to study how to take care of each other So that our house or shop is suitable for which type of tree Meaningful and will be planted for a long time and help bring money to us.

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