10 trees landscaping resistant to sunlight, strong and rarely fallen leaves.

The top concern of landscaping is the selection of plants to plant. This is because each type of tree has different characteristics and properties. In addition, the needs and care of each grower is different. If anyone is looking for a garden tree that is not difficult to care. Leaves rarely fall, shade and can withstand the strong sun of Thailand.

1. mahogany tree

Large-leaved mahogany or mahogany (Brazilian Mahogany) is scientifically named Swietenia macrophylla King. It is a medium to large tree, about 15-25 meters tall, with brown or grayish-black trunks. Its leaves are plume, double-ended, green, glossy, tapered, crooked base, wavy edge. The flowers come out as a bouquet of yellow-green and fragrant. Which is generally released during the months of May – June

For planting Mahogany trees can be grown both alone and in an elongated way. It will grow well in all soil conditions. As for taking care of it, it is not difficult. Because this tree grows fast Need only moderate water Leaves rarely fall Rarely have diseases or pests It also likes the sun so it can endure the sun all day long.

2. Padauk

Padauk (Burma Padauk) scientifically known as Pterocarpus indicus Willd is a medium to large perennial plant, up to 25 meters tall, with gray or black stems. The leaves are composed of feathers, green, arranged alternate base, rounded leaves, pointed leaves, flowers into a bouquet, axillary or the end of branches, small to light yellow. By the padauk tree is a plant that needs full sun Therefore, it is able to tolerate the heat of the Thai sun comfortably and also tolerate natural conditions well. Leaves rarely fall And not difficult to take care of Just use loamy soil for planting, water every 5-7 days and add compost, manure or chemical fertilizer 3-5 times a year is enough.

3. Ton Prayong

The Chinese Rice flower is the scientific name Aglaia odorata Lour. It is an ornamental flower plant that originated in Southeast Asia. It is a perennial shrub with a small, bushy leaves, yellow flowers in a short bouquet, small round shape, not blooming like a fish egg. Has a strong and distant fragrance. The fruit is oval. Smooth and oily skin For growing the Prayong. It can be done both by seed, grafting and cuttings, which should be used as well-drained loam for planting. Moderate watering And planted in areas exposed to full sun, or if you want the tree to be a beautiful bush Should be done annually pruning.

4.Chat pine

The tiered pine (Nolfolk island pine) is scientifically named Araucaria heterophylla. Is an sacred plant that people prefer to plant Because it is believed to bring honor and dignity The Chat Pine is a medium-sized tree, 5-15 meters tall, with brown stems with small bumps around it, and the apex is branched into layers with dense composite leaves.

Son Chat is a tree that is known for its strength and durability. Prefers loamy soils with high humidity, likes sunlight, likes moderate water. They should be watered every 3-5 days and add manure or compost to maintain 3-5 times a year as well. However, if you overflow with water, you may become pale and fall more. Therefore, the amount of water and humidity should be controlled accordingly.

5. Tree ears

The mouse ear or the order (Black Ebony) is a scientific name Diospyros buxifolia (Blume) Hiern is a medium-sized perennial. Native to India and Southeast Asian countries. The trunk is gray-black, about 25 meters high, leaves are oval, green, dairy cows, pointed edges, smooth, alternating along the branches. The flowers are out into a small bouquet. And for taking care of it is as simple as that of the ear cuff That is, moderate watering and planting in the sun all the time The tree’s ear is hardy and can grow well in most types of soil.

6. Tonkaew Mukda

Kaew Mukda, or mangrove, has the scientific name Fagraea racemosa Javanica or Fagraea blumeana, is a short, gray, long-haired, gray, oval-shaped shrub with an elliptical base and a rounded tip, a smooth, thick, glossy and green leaf. intensive Which the Kaew Mukda plant is a plant that rarely does not shed leaves Therefore rarely has many leaves falling, our hearts The flower is similar to a glass flower. Into a short bouquet at the apex Sends a faint scent all day long.

For propagation The Kaew Mukda plant can do both seed and grafting. The tree grows well in fertile soil. Need a lot of water Should be watered every morning – evening during the first planting, but when starting to grow, it is enough to water every other day. The sunlight can be planted outdoors to get full sun exposure.

7. Phikul

The English Phikul tree is Spanish cherry, Medlar or Bullet wood with the scientific name Mimusops elengi Linn. It is a sacred tree of Lopburi province. It looks like a medium-sized tree, about 8-15 meters tall with gray-brown trunk. The shoots are rather thick, the leaves are oval, the tip is pointed, the edge of the leaf is wavy. The flowers come together in clusters of white, fragrant, and out all year round, we can grow Pikul in all types of soil. Ready to take care of the water and humidity just moderate As for other matters, don’t worry. Because Phikul is a plant that is quite resistant to natural conditions, tolerates full sun for a full day, rarely leaves falling. And rarely have diseases and pests

8. Duan Tree

Lamduan or Lamdman is scientifically known as Melodorum fruticosum Lour. It is a medium-sized perennial plant, about 5-10 meters tall, gray stems, smooth surface. They are arranged alternately in the area of ​​the trunk and branches, the flowers are small, yellow, and the leaves are crooked. The ancient Thai people believed that if any house was planted from Lamduan, it would bring freshness

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