10 trees to plant the fence line Help shading the wind and shading Add privacy

When talking about “fences”, most people tend to think of steel fences or walls that are strong and durable. But today, gearbox dot com would like to introduce 10 trees suitable to plant the fence line to present For those who want to have a nice fence around the house to block the wind and block the sight of people outside. It gives a feeling of true privacy. After that, let’s go see the trees planted along the fence. What are the trees

1. Tiantan drops

Let’s start at the beginning of the candle drops. Medium shrub The height is about 2-3 meters, many branches from the base to the top. The branches have a sloping ground and sporadic thorns. The leaves are arranged alternately opposite in pairs. Leaves are oval-shaped, pointed at dairy cows. The edge of the blade is slightly sawtooth Fruit small orange Comes with colorful flowers that bloom to be seen in every season. Which are both white and purple, easy to grow, popular with seeds. Can be grown in all types of soil. But especially prefers loam and sandy soil It is also very resistant to heat. Suitable for growing in sunny areas all day long. Because it is a tree that likes the sun, suitable for landscaping in a tropical garden like in Thailand

2.Cypress pine

Many species of trees But popular to be planted to make a fence with a canopy shape, can grow up to 70 meters (depending on the species), the trunk is covered with brown bark, small scales. Green or bluish green leaves Small, cone-shaped Popular propagated by two methods: cuttings and seeds. Prefers sandy or well-drained soils. Take care of it by regularly watering it twice a day because it is a tree that likes a lot of water but should not water until the soil is too wet. In addition, pruning should be done 2 weeks at a time. Will help make the bush a beautiful shape and stimulate more new shoots

3. Korean banyan

Korean ficus is one of the landscaping trees. The most popular used to make a tree fence. Due to the nature of the Korean banyan, the leaves are thick. Its height is about 5-6 meters. Strong stems can be planted together to form a barrier fence as needed. General characteristics Korean ficus is a plant in the family “Sai” with gray brown stems. Leaves dark green. The leaves are slender, long and rounded like a drop of water. There are roots growing out of the branches, as well as ficus in general, it is not easy to care for the leaves. By keeping a reasonable distance If the plant is 50 cm wide, plant 2 plants within 1 meter of the soil. Watering moderate morning and evening. Do not allow water to stagnate, especially during the rainy season and winter. Focus on the sun. Nourished with a little tomato juice And always pruning to be beautiful always

4. The needle tree

It is known as a plant that everyone is well known for. Because the needle flower contains sweet nectar, tempting us to want to taste the taste since childhood, and is also used as a symbol of worshiping the patron teacher as well Because the needle tree looks like a canopy With thick and dense leaves Flower shaped spike in a bunch of many colors together. Therefore it is popular to be planted as a barrier to the house fence It is also a sacred tree. It is believed to help promote the wisdom of the home. The seedlings were planted in a deep loam soil hole approximately 30x30x30 cm. Depth of the pit with manure and rice husk. Shift the beginning together to create a complete fence. Maintain moderate watering 3-5 times a week, like the sun and fertilize once a year for beautiful flowering.

5. Mok

Another medium-sized perennial plant that is suitable for planting a fence barrier. Because in addition to having a light scent spreading all over the house The tree can grow to a height of 5-12 meters, with green and slender canopy leaves with a bouquet of white flowers. It is also a sacred tree that helps prevent dangers. Create happiness and peace of mind for people in the house. How to plant? Put the seedlings to be planted in a loam soil mixed with manure-compost and coconut coir with a depth of 30x30x30 cm, spacing between plants about 30-40 centimeters, watering only moderately. Once a week, it likes moderate humidity. Can be planted in sunny places or outdoors.

6. Ton Khoi

Medium-sized perennials that can be found everywhere. Which the advantage is that it is easy to raise and does not require complicated care That makes garden lovers popular to make fences The Khoi tree can grow up to 5-15 meters with a canopy shape, strong stems, thick leaves, a bouquet of flowers And also has medicinal properties, can help maintain and maintain the body as well Popular with the first cuttings and seeds. Therefore, it can gradually be planted into the soil, easy care, moderate watering, can be grown in any weather conditions. And regularly pruning the branches In order to be the desired line of the fence

7. Hokkien tea tree

If the name is not familiar Think of a roadside tree that has been transformed into figures of people or animals. With a canopy style Out thick dark green leaves, white flowers, about 2 meters tall and can be bent into different shapes, so it is suitable to be planted as a fence barrier. There are two types of propagation: cuttings and seeds. Once the seedlings are intact, plant them in well-drained loamy soils. Support the bottom of the hole with manure. Spaced 1 creep per plant, watering in the morning only once or when you notice the soil becoming too dry. But do not water until the water is stagnant Always prune the branches to form the desired fence.

8. Christina

Christina is a tree named Inter that is popular for gardening and planting fences. Has a medium canopy shape Up to about 10 meters in height, leaves dense green leaves. The new leaves will be red in color, helping to change the atmosphere in the garden to be colorful. Planted by planting a healthy seedling or Christina plant in a well-drained soil hole. Place the distance to form a fence as needed. Take care of moderate watering once a day, if the leaves are withered, cut immediately and maintain fertilizers. Just as this will begin to break up again.

9. Bamboo

If anyone wants the home to have a Zen style, quiet and peaceful. Planting bamboo to make a fence line would be suitable. The bamboo will grow clumps. The trunk is segmental and extraordinarily tall. Leaves a long slender. It helps to block the sun and wind as well. It is a plant that has many different species. But popularly used to plant a fence, such as bamboo, bamboo, short bamboo, bamboo forest, bamboo gourd, also considered to be an auspicious tree that promotes fortune and success as well. Before planting, the soil should be scattered in the sun for about 2 times, secondary to the bottom of the soil with compost and manure. Then bring bamboo branches or clumps that are separated to plant Cover the soil tightly Use a straw to cover the soil to keep moisture and prevent weeds. Take care to water and keep it moist, but do not get wet in the summer. For the rainy season and the winter season, it should be watered, but just right.

10. Indian Ashoka Tree

Although the origin of “Indian Ashoka Tree” will come from the Christian priest Catholicism Are those that are grown in Thailand But we are familiar with this type of perennial Because with a height of up to 25 meters with a pyramid canopy, slender green leaves, long and dense, strong stems help block the wind well. So it was planted to make a barrier to the fence. By bringing strong seedlings to plant along the fence Spaced about 1-2 meters apart, planted with general soil, moderate watering care. But if during the dry season need to water more than usual to prevent leaves falling. Do not allow waterlogging, like full sun, and prune regularly to control the height as desired.

Is there any kind of trees that are interesting to plant a fence at home? Conclude that anyone who is looking for ideas to make a house fence or still can’t decide on a material to make a house fence. Try to consider these trees to plant fences for your home. To get a natural fence that is as capable as any other fence.

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