10 yellow flowers worth planting Both beautiful and auspicious

What types of yellow flowers should be planted? We have information on beautiful trees that are pleasing to the eye.Let’s introduce the beautiful gardening around the house with various types of plants. In addition to giving freshness Enjoy and relax with nature. You can also choose to create the desired atmosphere with the colors of the flowers. If you want to be fresh, cheerful and full of hope, you should choose a yellow blossom tree. Will be able to meet this need very well. The yellow flower tree. Many have good meaning names that are believed to strengthen the homeowner’s prestige and fortune. So who wants to find Yellow tree to grow in the house, we recommend 10 trees with yellow flowers worth planting. And easy to take care of Which consists of

1. Marigold

It is an auspicious plant that is very easy to grow and can grow in all types of soil. And should be planted in an area exposed to direct sunlight It is believed that the marigold will bring good fortune, making it one of the ten yellow flowering trees worth planting That has been very popular. But planting marigolds must be careful not to hit the petals. Recommended to water the root of the plant.

2. Sunflower

Is a tree that gives bright yellow flowers And sunflowers are fond of strong sunlight, making them very suitable for landscaping. Yellow flower tree This kind in the summer Planting sunflower plants must be careful about watering. Should be watered enough to keep the soil moist, but not wet. The soil must not dry out. And should not give too much fertilizer

3.Golden Buttons

This is a very sun tolerant and drought tolerant mulching plant. Small yellow flowers Popular to be planted to decorate the edge of the field to make it beautiful and refreshing. But must keep trimming this tree regularly because it is Yellow flower tree That can branch quickly

4. Chrysanthemums

It is another popular auspicious tree that is very popular. And the beautiful yellow chrysanthemum flowers are often worshiped. Because it is a symbol of honor and worship Yellow flower tree This type prefers direct sunlight. Growers should water the chrysanthemums in the morning to soak up. But it should not be too wet.

5. Brazil nuts

It is a ground cover plant that can tolerate drought and trampling well. Therefore, it is popular to plant to maintain the topsoil or to replace grass. The flowers are bright yellow. When growing Brazil nuts, be careful about watering. Because if water is too wet, it will easily die. In addition, Brazil nuts are plants that like the sun in the morning to noon.

6. Ton Fai Kham or the Supanniga tree

Is a flowering perennial plant in a bouquet at the end of the branch The flowers of the Fai Kham tree smell fresh and are considered Yellow flower tree This species is an auspicious tree that will add fortune to its inhabitants and also withstand all weather conditions. Choose to plant in an area that is exposed to full sun and regularly watered.

7. Ratchapruek Tree

Or that many people often call “the coon” is considered the most popular one of the 10 yellow flowers should be planted. Because besides being a sacred tree that is believed to bring prosperity to the growers It is also considered a national tree. The Ratchaphruek tree is a medium-sized tree with a height of 10-20 meters, with a bouquet of bright yellow flowers about 20 centimeters long, during the flowering period is very bright yellow. This tree should be planted in loam or clay and in open ground. Which will begin to bloom during the 4-5 years

8. Canna tree

It is a biennial plant that produces a bouquet of flowers with large yellow petals. And is considered to be one of the sacred trees that are believed to help protect people in the house from a disaster or encounter danger is a yellow flower tree. Those who like fine sunlight should be watered 3-5 times a day.

9. Ylang-ylang

It is a medium-sized canopy. Yellow flowers bloom all year round. Ylang-ylang flowers have a unique aroma. Planting this type of yellow flowers should choose an open area that is sunny.

10. Combs

It is a pure Thai tree that is fragrant and has beautiful yellow flowers. The honeycomb plant should be selected in a location that is full of sun all day long and the soil is not too wet. Therefore, it should be watered moderately.
Things to consider before choosing a saffron tree planting

The tree that gives many types of yellow flowers is auspicious tree. Which is recommended to plant by the day will help enhance prestige and fortune as well, so before choosing to plant these trees should learn more. To suit each type of sacred wood, such as the Khoon or Ratchaphruek, should be planted in the southwest of the house and should be planted on Saturday, etc. Care of the tree regularly. It is an important trick of planting trees and gardening. Whether you choose a type of tree to grow in your home for freshness or to enhance your prestige. It needs to pay attention to take good care of the plants in the house by watering, plowing the soil, fertilizing and pruning regularly. They also need to select a suitable planting area for each type of tree. In order to make these trees beautiful, durable and create a shady area for the house all the time. And if you take good care of these trees Will have beautiful bright yellow flowers, raise a bouquet to make a stand out in the garden area in the house It will bring the beauty and happiness of the heart for the owner as well.

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