12 zodiac flower plants Well planted is auspicious with life.

Zodiac flower plants Let’s see which zodiac person is born. What ornamental plants, trees or flowers should be planted? It also indicates the identity and is planted as a sacred tree.


For people who love trees and nature Besides the shady and beautiful gardening around the house Planting ornamental plants in the house is also considered another interesting option as well. Today we have a wide variety of ornamental plants to choose from. Each of which has its own strength and exclusivity. The same applies to people of each zodiac. Therefore, in order to obtain suitable ornamental plants for our zodiac sign Let’s take a look at the plants in the house of the 12 zodiac signs.

1. Capricorn

Capricorn people are people who are industrious and persistent. Do not like being inactive when free, have to do something all the time. Suitable for growing ten thousand years of green plants that are called Khan Mak or Kaew Kanchana. Because it is easy to grow, not difficult to care, just keep adding compost or water-soluble manure once a month. And also adapt well in all weather conditions Even if you have never raised trees before, you can easily plant. It is also considered to be an auspicious tree believed to have a long life. And also help absorb toxins in the air as well

2. Aquarius

Aquarius people are people who like creating. They like to experience new experiences, have confidence in themselves, they are independent, do not like being dependent on anyone. It is also a highly intelligent person. Suitable for growing weather trees or tillancesia. That can live without soil Just put them in a glass or ceramic pot to make your home look stylish. Only need to keep watering And set it in a sunny spot Airy And give the same type of fertilizer as orchid fertilizer once a week is enough

3. Pisces

It is another very creative zodiac. Be a revelator But at the same time he likes peace Suitable for growing bonsai trees. A tree that represents peace, harmony and balance, it is also a sacred tree believed to be planted to bring good fortune. It is also an ornamental plant that can bend the trunk to be crooked. Help create beauty for the house as well Even a strong tree Resistant to various weather conditions well, whether it is summer or rainy season. But must always take care and adjust the branches to keep them in shape

4. Aries

For Aries It is a zodiac sign that is strong, courageous and self-styled. It is also a person who likes to socialize, suitable for growing orchids. A sacred tree that is planted will help the grower to have a charm. It is eye to heart. There are only people who love compassionate people. Plus it doesn’t take much time to take care of it. Just have to hang it in the sunny place It can be exposed to direct sunlight periodically and should be watered in the morning as the roots absorb nutrients best. By watering the entire root and leaves And regularly inject water-soluble fertilizers once a week

5. Taurus

Taurus people are very stable, resolute and diligent people. It is also a zodiac sign in the earth element. Therefore suitable for cactus Which is a wood that is well adapted for survival Can grow regardless of how dry the soil is. Including still does not need much care Little water needed, just about 2 weeks at a time. There are rarely problems with pests. But must be placed near the glass or on the balcony To get enough sunlight In addition, if the cactus is blooming Still considered a good symbol Because they believe that it will bring advancement in work and fortune of money

6. Gemini

Gemini people are easy to get along with, adaptable, perfect for Philodendron. Which is an ornamental plant with nearly 500 species, each of which has different leaf sizes and characteristics. It is easy to raise as it adapts well to various environments and can be propagated by seeds and cuttings. Prefers well-drained soil High humidity And mixed with leaves, bricks, charcoal and sand do not like direct sunlight. It grows well in dim light. Which if growing varieties that are ivy Do not forget to find the main wood to embroider.

7. Cancer

Cancer people are sensitive. Like a simple life If you can choose, you prefer to do something to do at home rather than going out. It also has a gentle mind. Like helping others Therefore, it is suitable for growing a deli with pure white flowers. It also helps to make the house look clean and comfortable. It also helps absorb toxins in the air. It also brings good fortune and enhances the longevity of the growers. As for taking care of it, it is not difficult. By planting in loam Like sunshine Need less water By wetting it 2-3 times / week As for fertilizers, they are added 3-4 times a year by using 1-2 handfuls of manure or can be used in conjunction with liquid fertilizers.

8. Leo

Leo people are creative people who act fast and like to be the center of attention. Therefore suitable for teak leaves Which is a charming ornamental plant with large glossy leaf surface, beautiful and attractive even in the corner of the room As for the care, it just needs to be watered every 8-10 days, but don’t let the soil get too wet. Which should be watered only when the soil is dry Also, avoid exposing them to direct sunlight. Ready to wipe the leaves frequently so as not to have dust and dirty.

9. Virgo

Virgo is a very picky person in life and is always ready. Therefore suitable for aloe vera Which is a chicly shaped ornamental plant Plus it’s useful Both in terms of treatment and beauty as well By taking care of it, it will focus on water. Because aloe vera is a plant that needs adequate moisture to keep its leaves plump. As for fertilizers, add the 16-8-8 formula every 2-3 months and get rid of weeds.

10. Libra

Libra people are people of the wind element. Who are quite friendly, socializing and adhering to ideologies Therefore suitable for the Lignmagkr This is a tree that does not require much care and is drought tolerant just occasionally watering And should not be planted in direct sunlight It is also an ornamental plant believed to protect against external dangers. Because the tongue dragon is another name called Spear Indra. Which is referring to Indra’s weapon itself

11. Scorpio

Scorpios are attractive because they are energetic, energetic, determined, energetic, and decisive. Therefore suitable for palm trees Symbol of fortune It is also a strong and beautiful ornamental plant. But this plant needs a lot of special care. Which will vary according to the species.

12. Sagittarius

Sagittarius people are brave people. Like a challenging, adventurous and energetic person typical of a fire element. Which is suitable for passion fruit or coconut milk This is a charming purple flower that is popularly grown by seed. Which before starting to plant To sprinkle the bottom of the pot with 3-5 handfuls of manure and chemical fertilizers such as 16-16-16, about 1 handful, then mix the soil. And planted the seedlings Ready to cover the soil tightly And then put the main wood to set it up for use on the island

It can be said that each zodiac has different suitable ornamental plants. So if anyone is looking for a flower plant to grow in the house. We recommend trying to plant these zodiac flowers to grow. Because apart from the matter of faith These trees are also beautiful and have many other uses.

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