15 herbs to cure heat There is sure to be attached to the house at home.

In addition to heat symptoms to eat. Or not speaking easily It still makes me feel frustrated The taste of food has changed again. Which is caused by abnormally high internal body temperature Especially during summer like this It is very easy to heat up. But if anyone does not want to use modern medicine as a treatment, you have to try to bring the herbs that the dot com jar has selected that can cure the heat in a complete cure It is also extremely easy to find. You do not have to invade and find it.

1. Marigold

I do not believe it, I have to believe that the marigold flowers that we bring to worship monks or string a large garland for the neck here anyway. Able to cure the heat in By bringing the flowers to dry and then brewing them into drinking tea. This will help reduce body heat and cause the heat to decrease. In addition, tea from marigold flowers can also be rinsed on a regular basis to heal hot sores in it. But should use the marigold flowers from the beginning Because if using commercially available marigolds, there may be chemicals that are harmful to the body.

2. Tea leaves

The common tea we like to eat, in addition to containing caffeine, is also rich in tannins. That can help reduce heat symptoms Alternatively, try brewing tea with other herbs, such as eucalyptus, bearberry, sage leaves, raspberries, peppermint, and licorice to help relieve the heat.

3. Licorice

Licorice is another herb that is rich in tannins. It also contains glycerinic acid. (glycyrrhetinic acid) and substance glycerin. (glycyrrhizin) that has the effect of helping heal wounds in it. However, licorice root is a side effect that can increase blood pressure and edema. Therefore, those with a history of high blood pressure should not use it. The best way to use it is to brew licorice with other herbal teas, and studies have shown that gargling with licorice-infused tea can heal up to 75% of heat symptoms. Can be cured in as little as 3 days

4. Chamomile flowers

If talking about chamomile flowers It may be difficult to find. But when it comes to chamomile tea, it’s a lot easier to find, right? The chamomile tea has properties that help with sleep. But another benefit that many people do not yet know is that this flower can also cure the heat. By simply gargling with chamomile tea 3 – 4 times a day, it will help the wound heal faster.

26 Feb 2013 — Sliced Aloe vera leaf, close-up — Image by © Achim Sass/Westend61/Corbis

5. Aloe Vera

Herbs that have a cooling effect like Aloe Vera. That can heal almost all types of heat wounds And the wound is also in the heat, just take the aloe vera juice. Then rinse your mouth 1-3 tablespoons daily, 3 times a day, it will help the wound heal faster.

6. Flowers

The flowers that we used to make food are also hot drugs in it as well. Because the flowers, whether it is a white flower or a red flower It has a cooling effect, can help treat heat symptoms, reduce fever, reduce mucus and relieve headaches. By bringing the flowers to boil with water to eat, it will cool the body inside. It has a good effect on the wound in it.

Indian Pennywort (Centella asiatica) close-up — Image by © Creativ Studio Heinemann/Westend61/Corbis

7. Asiatic

Probably heard that drinking Centella asiatica can reduce the symptoms of bruising. But let me tell you, not only is bruising in that it can be treated. Hot in is also treatable. Because Asiatic has a cooling effect Help reduce body heat Which at present can be eaten as a capsule Or to bring the leaves to be juiced is good as well.

Caution is that There may be side effects for people with diabetes and high blood cholesterol. Asiatic leaves may reduce the effectiveness of drugs used to treat these diseases. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor before using it.

8. Rage

Rambut Herb It is a medicinal plant that helps to cure fever. Reduce body heat By bringing the mature Rachue to dry and drink it Or can be eaten in capsule form as well But the side effects of Rangchuea are the same as with Asiatic. Therefore, consult a doctor before using it.

9. Hatch green

Hatch green is a vegetable garden that has a cooling effect. Can help drive body heat Suitable for people who are hot in It will be made into a sweet and savory food. Or can be blended for drinking It can reduce body heat and cause the wound to collapse faster.

10. Bitter gourd

Known as Bitter Gourd Many people would shook their heads because of the bitter taste, but this plant is actually a healthy herb. In addition to being able to lower blood sugar levels Can also help drive body heat Causing the body temperature to drop to normal And cooling the sores in the heat and gradually disappear in the end

11. Cucumber

Cucumbers are vegetables that contain a lot of water. Drinking water or eating foods that contain a lot of water will help lower your body temperature. The cucumbers can be made into a savory dish. Or if not serious about the green smell of cucumbers It can be blended and eaten cold as a drink.

12. Phthalaibol

I felt bitter just by hearing the name. I wonder why the paniculata can help cure the heat in Because Phthalai Ban is a cold herb The cooling effect of paniculata will help the wound heal faster. However, if eating while having a fever, it can also reduce the fever. But if fresh phra tha tha tha ban may be difficult to eat Try to find a capsule or tablet to eat more conveniently.

13. Yanang

Yanang leaves are very useful herbs. Considered to be one of the truly healthy foods Yanang leaves are used to make a variety of dishes. Or even boiled with drinking water to treat various symptoms, which Yanang is another type of herb that has a cooling effect. Can help reduce body heat And when body heat decreases The wound will gradually collapse in.

14. Sadao

Neem is another medicinal plant that can be used to treat a wide variety of symptoms and can be used in almost every part. But if you want to reduce the heat symptoms in And extinguish the toxic heat in the body To bring the neem rubber to eat The taste of the neem rubber has a bitter cold taste. Not only Young shoots and flowers It can also be boiled, dipped, eaten with chili paste to help drive heat in the body as well.

15. Wormwood

Finish with another bitter herb. That can bring all parts of the tree to be used to reduce the heat and fix the heat in as well Just bring the vine to fresh. Or fresh trees pounding and then squeezing out drinking water Or can be boiled with water as well But if you feel that it is too bitter to eat, then try adding a little honey, it will stop the bitter.

How are you with all 15 types of herbs that are taken together You see, it’s easy to find. It also helps to relieve the heat in it as well. This is good, anyone who has a hot wound in their mouth that they can barely move their mouth Let’s go find it and use it together so that it can get well soon.

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