20 plants in the house Can help purify the air

Most people tend to think that Should not bring trees to be planted in the house. Because most trees need sunlight And needing oxygen at night may cause trees to compete for our air to breathe, but there are actually plants. That can be grown indoors without dying And also help purify the air in the house as well

1. Dwarf Date Palm

Is a species of palm trees with a single trunk The top of the trunk has a leaf cladding. This tree can be grown outdoors. But it can grow in low light. And can absorb toxins in the indoor air as well Especially Cyrene

2. Boston Fern

It is a plant that needs constant hydration, if it is dehydrated, its leaf color will turn brown. And fall quickly Therefore, should keep the soil moist or spray with water regularly. Boston fern is also an ornamental plant that helps clean the indoor air. Can absorb a lot of toxins Especially substances such as formaldehyde

3. Millionaire in the house (Spider Plant)

It is a small clump that is commonly grown as an ornamental plant both inside and outside the building. They can be planted in hanging pots or grown as ground cover plants.

4.Australian fen dab (Kimberley Queen Fern)

It was a rather large frond. It has long petioles, sometimes up to 1 meter in length. The leaves are bright green. The petiole is brown, the petiole is solid, the leaves are thicker, no flowers. Able to absorb toxins such as formaldehyde, xylene and toluene very well.

5. Kaew Kanjana (Chinese Evergreen)

Is a plant that is easy to grow Very low maintenance, durable, even in dry conditions and low humidity. As well as being able to thrive in places with little light Although ten thousand years of green have the ability to absorb not much toxins. Is in the moderate level However, it has a high rate of dehydration, helping the house to be more cheerful.

6. Bamboo Palm

Is a relatively slow growing plant But has the distinction that is easy to raise Durable, even without water and sunlight shortages, or can stay in an opaque place for extended periods of time. Can still stay But with a small trunk, palm trees and bamboo leaves may absorb less toxins than other plants.

7.Sai Yoy Bai Laem (Weeping Fig) Sai Yoy Bai Laem

It is a medium-sized perennial plant that is commonly used as an ornamental plant in houses and office buildings. Because of the nature of the canopy and the beautiful green leaves hanging sag Spiky Ficus In addition to being an easy-to-grow plant, it also helps absorb toxins in the air as well. Especially toxic substances such as formaldehyde As well as having a good rate of moisture transpiration.

8. Golden Pothos

Ivy Where the trunk has roots growing out according to the clause The fort is round, heart-shaped, the tip of the leaf is pointed, the base of the leaf is slightly rounded. The leaves are green and there are yellow spots on the leaves, making them look beautiful. Many people may not yet know that alkaline betel can absorb toxins in the air as well.

9. Anthurium (Flamingo Lily)

It is a low shrub with many years of life. It is a flowering plant with a strange shape, beautiful color, and blooming all year round. The leaves are heart-shaped like bon leaves. If grown indoors or in an office building, it should be placed in a place that can receive moderate sunlight and water twice a day in the morning and evening. In summer and winter, the humidity is minimal. Should be watered in the afternoon. Fertilizers prefer to use organic fertilizers or water soluble chemical fertilizers

10. Charm (Araceae) Charm Moon Daeng

It is a beautifully shaped ornamental plant with distinctive heart-shaped leaves that are dark green contrasting with the crimson color of the petioles. But it is not a hardy plant, so it needs some maintenance. Charmed sandalang is an ornamental plant that has the ability to absorb toxins in the air, especially ammonia. And is also a tree that people like to plant to enhance the sacred According to the belief that the plant will be lucky. If it is placed in a shop, it will trade well, have a profit, charm, compassion, and great popularity to the general public.

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