5 Flowering plants easy to grow Planted to decorate the house to look beautiful.

Planting trees and flowers. Basic activities that Many people like it But for growing trees to grow beautiful, it’s not easy. Especially planting flowers That requires patience Taking good care of it Just misplace it Being exposed to too much sun Or not being exposed to the sun at all Makes the beautiful flower plants instantly wither So we would like to recommend flowers that are easy to grow, suitable for the weather in Thailand to leave each other. What varieties will be there? Let’s go follow

1. Adenium

Popular colorful plants that every home must be planted, including pink, fuchsia, yellow, red, white and many mixed colors. Adenium is famous for being easy to grow. It is drought tolerant, loves the sun, so you can put it outdoors without worries. It is popular to grow the garden Plant in pots to make bonsai. This type of flower is believed to be charming. And is popular and popular As his name is sure enough

2. Banburi

A popular shrub that is often planted for walkways and trellis. Popularly planted to see the flowers. Because it has beautiful colors The flowers are large, yellow, purple and rose in color and can grow well in any soil. It tolerates the sun well. Rarely have diseases that interfere with In addition to the beautiful flowers and flowers. Can also be used for many benefits, whether it is used to dye fabrics Extraction of colors to make sweets Or use to brew and drink to relieve air, colic, congestion










3. Mok

The Mok tree, also known as the Canna tree White flowers that look and feel comfortable. It is believed that if any house is planted, it will bring only happiness and happiness. It is popular to grow along the fence or along the wall. Can tolerate the sun. Likes loamy soil With moderate humidity The Mok tree is not just good as an ornamental plant. Mok flowers can be used to make Thai sauce or water as well.

4. Bewitching

Short-lived flowering plants Is a flowering plant covering the top of the soil Therefore should be planted under a big tree Known for easy growing and easy farming It grows well in open, sandy loam soils. With good drainage It is popular to decorate the garden in the house along the waterfall and stream. It is a flowering plant that has a variety of colors, including red, pink, dark purple, light purple, blooming in every season. In addition to having a variety of beautiful colors Glitter can also absorb toxins in the air as well.

5. Pawpaw

Phayapphaw is also known as Plumbulma Gong. Belonging to the same family as the Plumbulga Charming blue flowers are sweet. Out to watch all year round Like being in the sun But prefers to stay in moist soil and can be used in the garden. Or can be planted as a group of shrubs along the edge of the fence Can be trimmed as you like. Popularly put flowers in a vase. This type of flower is especially beautiful in winter.

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