5 sacred trees to promote good luck for sale Help win money, win gold

Besides the amulets that call customers into the store, planting auspicious trees is another trick that can help the shopkeepers prosper. For anyone who is looking for a sacred tree that brings luck to plant and decorate the shop Today, the jar dot com has collected a lot of plants that are worth planting in the garden. You can go and have a look.

1. Rich Ton

The rich man, the wealth or the wealthy tree The scientific name Philodendron sp. ‘Setthimisap’ is a sacred tree believed to Will promote prestige and rich trade according to the name of the tree It is classified as an annual ornamental plant. The leaves are thick, bright green, lanceolate, pointed at the base, smooth and slightly wavy. There is a line in the middle of the light green leaves. The petioles are thick and hard. The flowers are white. Into a bouquet of the axillary leaves It can be propagated by both seed grafting and cuttings, prefer loamy soil, care and watering only once a day, needs moderate water. Need moderate humidity And in need of sunlight

2. The money is flowing.

The money tree is scientifically known as Syngonium podophyllum, it is a sacred tree believed to bring wealth, wealth and money to pour in according to its name. By this tree species is a long ivy vine. Glides about 10-20 meters far, the trunk is green, round, smooth, distant and root out according to the article. The leaves are slightly yellowish green with a pointed tip and a deep lobes towards the base of the leaf, with about 5 lobes alternating according to the clause. The flowers will be on the top. Looks like bon flowers. Parts of the money planted flowing Mix coconut husk manure and loamy soil at the rate of 1: 1: 1: 1 parts into the pot. Then bring the tree down and set the wood to the island. As for taking care of them, they just have to decorate them beautifully and fertilize them regularly. More importantly, make sure to replace the pots as appropriate to prevent overcrowding of the roots.

3. Nang Kwak tree

Nang Kwak is the scientific name of Alocasia cucullata (Lour.) G.Don is another auspicious tree. Meaning, it means to call for gold and call for auspiciousness by the Nang Kwak tree will look like an herbaceous plant, about 30-60 cm high, with its head underground With a stem erect from the trunk The leaves are heart-shaped, pointed like Pho leaves, with shallow but clear veins or grooves. The petioles are relatively long connected. The flowers are light green in the area of ​​the leaf sheath. Popular to propagate by sprouting By being able to continually sprout out new shoots, grow quickly and grow well in all types of soil Moderate water requirement High humidity requirement Need some sunshine And keep peeling the old leaves off To see the beautiful trunk

4. Ton-millionaire receives money

Ton Millionaire receives money Has a scientific name as Dieffenbachia Camilla is another tree with auspicious name. It also can absorb toxins. It has beautiful shapes and colors like marble. Its leaves are oar, white and yellow with green edges. They are classified as a family tree with a young girl. Popular propagated by cuttings. It will grow well in loamy soil. As for taking care of it, water it regularly. Because the wealthy tree does not accept drought But must be careful not to be too wet And must be planted to receive sunlight properly as well Otherwise it may cause the color and pattern of the leaves to change.

5. Naga leaves

The Naga leaves have a scientific name as Pseuderanthemum atropurpureum. It is a sacred tree that is believed to make money and gold. In addition, the Naga leaves are sacred. Can be used for religious ceremonies as well The Naga leaves look like a small perennial, canopy shape, about 1-2 meters tall and the branches are directed upwards. The leaves are lance-like, pointed at the base, smooth edges, purple-green, white-purple and dark pink, mixed together, the flowers are short. Purple bloom end At the top The advantage is that there are not many diseases or pests. But should always take care to prevent yellow and dry leaves. Prefers loamy soil with high humidity. Popular propagated by cuttings. Need some sunshine Moderate water requirement About once a week Need compost or manure every 4-5 times a year.

Although there are many sacred trees adorned the shops But if we are not diligent, earn a living and honestly All the sacred trees would not be able to help our business to be rich and have more customers. Therefore, do not forget to concentrate on working together.

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