5 trees are grown indoors, leaves do not fall, and add freshness as well.

For those who love to plant trees but are tired of having to clean them up. The diligent leaf fragments fell morning and evening. I feel tired just by imagining it, right? But do not worry, because Decor.mthai has picked up 5 plants grown in the house, leaves do not fall to leave everyone together. Which in addition to adding shade to the house Can also add freshness

1. Ton Prayong

Small perennials Extremely branching, with thick canopy leaves. The trunk is about 3-6 meters high, the leaves are oval-pointed. The Prayong flower is thrust into a cluster at the end of the branch. And is considered to be one of the most popular trees in their homes
Transplantation can be done for both the seeding, the cuttings, but the grafting and the cuttings are popular. Because it allows the Prayong tree to bloom well

2. Duan

A small, non-deciduous perennial, about 10-15 meters high, with many branches. The leaves are arranged in a single, alternate, the flowers are single flowers or into a bunch of clusters. Has a yellowish color and a pleasant smell
Propagated by the seed method. And grafting

3. Phikul

Medium to large perennial plant, not deciduous, about 10-25 meters tall, branching stems into a wide, dense bush. A single leaf Oval The flowers of Pikul are single flowers or into clusters of about 2-6 flowers, small flowers. Off-white and fragrant
Planting, seeding, grafting and cuttings

4.Chat pine

Perennials have a large canopy. Branches split into a layer of green leaves with a trunk height of more than 6 meters, classified as one of the most popular trees to plant.
Planting can be propagated by both seed and cuttings.

5. Tonkaew Mukda

Shrubs waiting to creep Branches into a beautiful short canopy, about 2-3 meters high, the leaves are oval. The leaves are smooth and thick, rarely fall, give good shade. The flowers are white in a bouquet and have a light fragrance throughout the day.
Transplantation can be done both by seed and grafting.

If anyone wants to try to add some shade to the house Also do not have to worry about the fallen leaves Try to find these trees to plant together. Guarantee the house will look much more refreshing.

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