6 flowering plants on the balcony, resistant to the sun, resistant to rain, adding freshness

It is believed that many people leave the porch. The condo balcony is left unclean because it is hot and narrow that I don’t know how to decorate it. So today we take 6 beautiful flowers to plant on the balcony There are both trees that like the sun and trees that like the sunlight quite faintly. Let’s conclude that the balcony of the room receives what kind of sunlight. Follow along and choose to plant the plants on the balcony accordingly.

1. Marigold

Marigold is scientific name Tagetes spp. Is an auspicious tree that represents money. It also helps to repel insects, prevent snakes, restore soil and maintain health. Currently, there are 5 species. It is an herbaceous plant, less than 1 year old, about 30-100 cm tall, densely canopy, lanceolate leaves, tapered leaf base, pointed leaf edge, jagged leaves. By the end of the stem Color depending on the species But most of them are yellow. Popularly planted with seeds The soil should be mixed with the substrate at a ratio of 1: 1, especially like loamy soil. Likes direct sunlight Likes to keep the soil moist But be careful not to water it too wet.

2. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum has a scientific name. Chrysanthemum morifolium L.H. Bailey is a tree that helps filter the air. Pollution and odors. It also contains pyrethroid substances. Also help repel mosquitoes and insects. It is a herbaceous plant, about 0.5-1.2 m tall. The leaves are arranged alternately, both round, oval and lanceolate. The base of the blade is cut, the tip of the blade is pointed, the edge of the blade is concave, the blade is coarse, with a central line and a clear vein. A bouquet of flowers at the end of the branch Originally there was a single yellow color. But nowadays it has developed more and more multicolored Popular propagated by cuttings and shoots. Prefers well-drained sandy loam. Likes direct sunlight And like a lot of water because of its high dehydration Therefore should water the root area both in the morning and in the evening.

3. Petunia

Petunia is the scientific name Petunia hybrida Vilm. It is a type of insect repellent tree. It can be eliminated from insects, aphids, worms and other pests. It is a short herbaceous plant about 30 centimeters high. The leaves are oval, pointed leaves, smooth edges, flower leaves along the branches throughout the year. The edges of the petals are serrated. White is popular with seeds. Prefers well-drained loamy or sandy soils with a special coconut fleck mix. Need to water 1-2 times a day and need a lot of sunlight.

4. Geranium

Geranium, the scientific name Pelargonium x hortorum L.H. Bail, originated in South Africa and Australia. It is a shrub about 60 cm high. The leaves are single, round, serrated edge, flower bouquet. The petals are rounded, some pointed, and there are many colors such as white, pink, red, orange and purple, or sometimes there are two colors in the same flower. Popularly propagated by seeds and cuttings. Prefers sandy loam mixed with decayed leaves or nut shells. And likes relatively cool weather

5.Pansy or cat face

Pansy, the scientific name of Viola tricolor var. Hortensis, is a beautiful flowering plant that can be grown in a pot. Will be planted in a rock garden Will be planted as an ornamental plant Nowadays, there are 5 species of plants that are popularly planted. The leaves are heart-shaped, the flowers have 5 petals overlapping, the end of the pointed lobes hanging at the end of the flower. There are both basic colors and tinted colors. Popularly planted with seeds Which should be planted in winter If grown in a pot can be planted 3-5 plants, prefer moisture-retaining soil and mulching. And like the sunshine

6. Hydrangea

Hydrangea (Hydrangea) has the scientific name Hydrangea macrophylla (Thunb.) Ser. It is a beautiful, bright flower and has a good meaning. Expresses softness to the touch and represents thanks Many Thai people know as a three-month flower or a six-month flower. It is a multi-year flower plant, canopy, about 1-3 meters high, the leaves are oval, the tips of the leaves are pointed, rounded edges, the edges of the leaves are wide and thick A bouquet of flowers at the end of the shoot There are different colors according to the species. Most of them are white, red, pink, purple and blue. Importantly, they can change their color according to the pH of the soil. And the amount of phosphorus and potassium It is popular to grow with cuttings in the summer or in the rainy season. I like the sun, I like cool weather, I like not much water, I want to water only once a day in the morning.

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