8 herbs and vegetables Good drug as a kitchen partner to treat ailments

Everyone already knows that Thai herbs have many benefits. Especially medicinal properties to help relieve and heal various ailments Importantly, most Thai herbs can still be found online. Many species are vegetables, garden and kitchen garden that almost every house has to be attached, it is simply called a good pair of houses and a kitchen Today let’s look at what kinds of garden vegetables are considered excellent herbs. Eat and get the full benefits. Let’s go follow

1. Holy Basil Leaves

Stir-fried basil is a popular menu of Thai people. Because it has a unique aroma of the leaves that in addition to helping to deodorize the fishy smell of meat It also helps create a delicious aroma and make such a menu more appetizing. Importantly, basil leaves have properties that are good for the body. It will help reduce colic, abdominal distension. And help expel air in the stomach

2. Basil

It is another edible vegetable garden fence. Which many homes are popular to grow Because it can be used to cook a variety of food And most importantly, it is useful in medicine Because it can be used to cure colds, stomach pain and relieve colic

3. Krachai

Krachai is popular as an ingredient of curry paste. It can be found in wild curries and stir-fries. Krachai is a spicy vegetable that helps expel the wind and relieve flatulence. It also helps eliminate bacteria in the intestines and stomach. It can also help relieve diarrhea.

4. Chili

When it comes to Thai food, there is absolutely no lack of chili. Chili Hides a lot of vitamins. Whether it is vitamin A and vitamin C, chili also contains substances that will help the stomach to absorb food better. Help relieve joint pain And helps the blood vessels to expand as well

5. Lemongrass

Highlights of the lemongrass Is the essential oil that in addition to being popular for making mosquito repellent sprays Also has medicinal properties This will help the diuretic. Reduces blood pressure Lower cholesterol, expel the wind and cure flatulence. In addition, the trunk can also be used as an asthma remedy.

6. Shallots

Shallots are known as a cold-fighting herb. The smell of red onion has the effect of helping people with fever, heat, and symptoms alleviate. The old man will smash shallots when it is broken. And placed near someone with a fever Or to be eaten as well It also helps relieve bloating. And helps to increase appetite as well

7. Gourd

In gourd contains beta-carotene that is good for the eyes. The gourd leaves also nourish the breast milk. It also has a cooling effect. Can be crumpled and mixed with a little water. And apply on the skin to relieve symptoms of insect bites

8. Peppermint

Mint leaves are commonly added to various spicy dishes. And Isaan food such as Laab and waterfall, the mint leaves have properties to help expel the wind, cure indigestion, as well as contain vitamin C to help strengthen the immune system. And can prevent colds In addition, the scent of peppermint leaves clears the brain.

Known as vegetables, herbs. However, it is useful to the body, so try to find a house plant. Guaranteed that you will definitely use it. Because it not only cooks delicious food, but also helps alleviate various ailments as well.

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