8 sacred trees to promote good fortune and good luck

Auspicious trees planted in pots Can be planted to decorate the garden or plant it in the house Add good fortune to the people in the house. Try bringing a sacred tree to plant in a pot to see it. Seeing other houses, they plant auspicious plants to decorate their garden and want to grow some, right? But stuck where the space in the house is not enough to plant a large auspicious tree But it’s okay. Because today the dot com jar has brought a small auspicious tree species that can be planted into a pot. To decorate the interior of the building and the house to leave each other As for what kind of auspicious trees are planted in pots, which ones should be planted Let’s go and see.

1. Female betel nut

Round trunk auspicious tree The leaves are slender and have different shades. And there are also many different species. But the popular auspicious cultivar is Petchpaitoon, believed to bring good luck. If there are two stems paired together, the good fortune will be multiplied in doubles. And will be successful in the matter of love as well Propagated to grow by cuttings. Start by mixing the loam soil with organic matter and put it in a pot. Take the branches that have been pasted to embroider Cover with leaf litter at the base of the tree. Take care of watering once a day, or observe that the soil is constantly moistened and the pot is exposed to the harsh sunlight.

2. That charm Khun Phaen

Wan Sane Khun Phaen or Three Kings Monument Is an herbaceous plant with a trunk underground The leaves are oval. There are herringbone lines across the white flowers, if planted in a pot, the plant will fit. If it is planted, it will bring prosperity and happiness. It also enhances the charm of those who are planted as well. How to plant? Bring the shoots to be planted in a pot in loamy soil. Cover the top of the soil to cover the shoots Then put the pot in a sunny place Take care of the watering, but not wet to prevent mold.

3. The money is flowing.

Ivy that looks like a round green trunk. Issued according to the articulation and width The color around the leaves is green and medium. The leaves will have a white line like silver flowing. Of course, if it is grown, it will make it rich. Money poured out of gold. And can also help enhance the charm of the house and the people in the house as well To grow, cut the branches from the complete tree and plant it in a pot of loam soil mixed with coconut husk manure in equal proportions and then the main plant is attached to the root. Take care to water the soil so that it is moist but not too wet. And set the pots in the harsh sunlight

4. The red emerald tree

Ivy that looks like a spotted betel. The trunk is red in shape, spherical in shape. Leaves a reddish green color. The leaves are similar to the Bon leaves. If it is used to decorate the house, it will help to create a charm that will only be loved and kind. Popularly planted with cuttings. Start by planting the perfect shoots into a pot of loam and mixed with the same amount of manure and then find the main plant to attach to the plant. Maintain moderate but regular watering. Don’t let the soil dry out too much. Set the pots out of the harsh sunlight.

5. Fern Governor

Fern that looks like slender green leaves. Petioles are dark brown. Can be grown in pots and used as an ornamental plant in the building. This type of fern will enhance the dignity of the people in the home. And is like a representative of honesty and justice to remind the farmers to do good deeds Planted by separate clumps from the complete plant to be planted in a pot of loam mixed with sand, leaf litter and compost in equal proportions. Take care of the watering during the first period fully. But when the temperature in the air decreases, it should be watered just twice a day.

6. Wannasen Chan Khao

Auspicious trees that help strengthen compassion, great popularity and charm to the growers. Will make single people find their spouse In addition, if the growers raise until they grow and flourish Wishing Moon White will give good fortune. Wealth And prosperity The planting method starts from mixing the loam soil with claw fertilizers, manure, water, microorganisms. After that, manage to separate the shoots from the complete plant and plant them in the soil that we have composted. Take care of watering every day. But be careful about the waterlogging well and most importantly, keep the pot in a damp place. Airy

7. Basil

Medicinal plants that are considered sacred trees Internationally, it is believed to bring love, good luck, good health. And richness came to the people of the house. It is an annual plant with a trunk height of 40-60 cm with oval leaves. Reddish purple flowers at the end of the bouquet and has a pungent smell. The easiest way to grow is cuttings. Starting from the branch that is about 10 cm long and embroidered into a pot of loam. Take care of watering 2 times a day, both morning and evening. And do not forget to set the pot in the sun

8. Full house money

The nature of this tree is a medium-sized shrub. The leaves are slender and pointed like a heart shape. There is an iridescent green, silver gray. If it is planted, it will help strengthen the prosperity. Success in career Make people in the house prosperous, easy to grow with cuttings, just cut the stems from the complete plant. To grow in a pot of loam mixed with manure Maintain moderate watering Set the pots out of the harsh sunlight.

How are you doing? Is there any kind of sacred tree that is interesting to plant and decorate it in the house? Conclude a house that does not have a garden or has insufficient space Do not forget to find a sacred tree planted in these pots to try to grow together.

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