8 small perennials, easy to grow, add beauty to a small garden

It is difficult to plant trees indoors to add color to our beautiful garden, but worry that the roots will damage the structure. Or some people may have a limited home garden space. Don’t worry, because today we have 8 small perennial ideas for you. It is a perennial plant that is small to medium in size. Can be trimmed with beautiful flowers to add color to the garden. Plus it is also very easy to take care of Beginners can choose to grow at home.

1. Kaew Mookda

A small tree that we would like to recommend is Kaew Mukda, a beautiful tree. Conveys the auspicious meaning of precious gems It is also a non-deciduous perennial. No problem with leaves falling through hell garden It also has root symptoms that make it resistant to flooding and waterlogging well. The leaves are arranged in a beautiful bouquet, alternating with fragrant white flowers. It can be trimmed into a low shrub or can be planted for some shade.

Care: can be grown outdoors. Able to grow well in all types of soil, watered once a day and fertilized 3 – 4 times a year.

2. Adenium

When it comes to small trees, azalea is another popular ornamental tree because of its beautiful roots and trunk. You don’t need a lot of space to grow. Can be grown both in pots and directly into the soil. It also has beautiful flowers with bright colors. It is believed that if planted azalea in the house will add charm. Reinforce fortune on mercy, great popularity In particular, planting in front of the house or the living room will be the most decisive.

Care: Adenium is a sun tolerant and drought tolerant plant. Can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Don’t need a lot of water, just water 2-3 times a week is enough. And should be planted in loamy, well-drained soil to prevent root rot.

3. Phut Sethi Siam

Coming to a small perennial plant, the type of flowering plant, named because it means good, and has beautiful flowers. Such as Phud Sethi Siam In addition to its popularity because of its auspicious name This tree can also grow well. Can be trimmed into a bush Beautiful white flowers, flower shape like a starburst. It is white in color and smells all year round. It is considered an auspicious tree that is believed to be planted and the money will flow to it.

Care: Prefers well-drained loamy soils and should be planted in full sun all day long. Keeping the bush clear will help it bloom faster.

4. Pudnam Buat

Another small perennial plant in the gardenia family. But Pud Nam Bua is a small shrub or low shrub. The flowers are yellow to orange. Very fragrant And can deliver the smell as far as 2-3 meters ever Anyone who likes to plant trees that bloom all year round, must try to plant them together.

Care: Prefers well-drained soils and needs full sun. Along with watering to keep the soil moist (But not allowing water) can be planted into the soil or planted in a pot.

5. Rance

Rampoeng is another small perennial with beautiful flowers. It has a height of 2 – 3 meters, so it is suitable for people looking for a small perennial plant. The canopy is round and airy. Can be well decorated in front of the house Flowering at the end of the branch Bright yellow, light orange or white flowers can tolerate the sun well, so it can be planted for shade.

Care: Easy to grow, easy to cultivate, can grow well in sandy or sandy soils. It tolerates full sun and drought well, does not require a lot of care to grow.

6. Red trotters

Red trotter is a perennial plant with a strange name but beautiful and fragrant, cool, blooming all year round, the flowers are red, pink, or white. When fully grown, it is about 5 meters high, but can be pruned. Who likes easy-growing perennials? Give fragrant flowers, must try planting red trotters together

Care: prefers loam and sandy loam. Good drought and wet tolerance. Needs sunlight all day long, suitable for outdoor planting, watering 2-3 days per time

7. Kannika

For those who like strong scented trees, they have to plant them. Because he has beautiful white flowers, blooming all year round, plus fragrant flowers from evening to night In addition, Kannika can also be used as a medicinal plant. The trunk when fully grown is about 2 – 4 meters high, which is a good size for people who have little space at home.

Care: Grows well in loam and sandy loam. Like sunny all day Flowering a lot and very quickly, so you have to keep trimming into a beautiful bush. And must be watered regularly at least once a day

8. Saranrom

Finally, the beautiful flower tree is named because it has auspicious meaning like the Saranrom tree, meaning a cheerful mood. This type of wood, when fully grown, will reach a height of 2 – 5 meters, if you do not want it to be too high, it can be trimmed. Flowering as a bouquet of red, orange or pink and can still bloom all year round. Can be planted outdoors comfortably. Because I like the sun

Care: Grows in all types of soil, does not like watering, persistently watered 2-3 days per time, likes sunlight, can be planted open outdoors. If grown in a colder region, it will attach the pod and can be used for further propagation.

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