Basil, properties to cure indigestion – indigestion Can relieve stress

In addition to its very aromatic scent, basil has many other health benefits. Both help drive the wind Help appetite And other properties of basil

Basil is a favorite vegetable and herb that many people love. Because of the unique aroma that comes in the food, it adds to the taste, the smell is very mouth-watering, but apart from the special fragrance Basil also has medicinal properties and is good for health according to this.

Basil has a strong aroma, the taste is good.

Basil is scientifically known as Ocimum basillicum L. It is a plant of the family Labiatae, for the English name of basil is called Sweet Basil, and in our home it is mostly known. Thyme is native to Asia and Africa. It is a native plant of India. But back to widespread in Western countries and Asia.

Basil is the same plant family as basil and basil. But with a different smell and taste The basil is considered an old herb. Because the root of basil in English comes from the Greek word basileus means king or leader of the people. The other names for basil in Europe are almost entirely derived from the word king. It is also believed that Basil is an ingredient of herbs that ancient European royals put in their bath water as well.

Basil, the botanical characteristics are similar to many herbs.

Basil is a herbaceous plant. The height of the trunk is about 0.5-1 meters, the trunk is square Reddish purple branches Basil is a single leaf. Oval or elliptical. Leaves 3-4 cm wide, 4-6 cm long, pointed end. Dairy dairy cows are sparse sawtooth on the leaf with hair covering to the trunk. Basil leaves contain essential oils, thus giving them a unique aroma.

Basil flowers are white or light pink. Into a bouquet at the end of the branch, inflorescence 7-12 cm long, the flower area has purple green bracts Petals are connected to the base, split into two parts, the basil is a small fruit. A seed as small as a sesame seed. Dark brown

Thyme benefits and interesting medicinal properties

In addition to basil is fragrant. Help make food more appetizing The properties of basil also have it.

1. Solve toothache

Basil essential oil helps reduce pain and cure inflammation. By juicing the juice from the leaves, then using a small cotton ball moistened with juice from the leaves and filling the painful tooth cavity to relieve toothache.

2. Helps to appetite

The scent of essential oils contained in basil has properties to help expel the wind. Appetite

3. Solve headaches, cure colds

Basil essential oil also relieves headaches. And can also cure colds By using the young shoots boiled with water to drink as tea Or eat fresh vegetables

4. Coughing

Squeeze 2-4 grams of the juice from basil leaves and mix with a little honey. Sips to relieve cough and bronchitis. Or you can use basil in combination with ginger as well.

5. Help digestion Solve flatulence – indigestion

Basil leaves help to expel air in the intestines, relieve indigestion, cure nausea and vomiting by washing 20 basil leaves, brewing hot water and sipping it as tea.

6. Solve twist, help drain.

Thyme seeds contain mucus that helps lubricate the intestines. It increases the amount of fiber, making it easier to excrete. Using basil seeds soaked in water Eat to relieve abdominal pain, dysentery, and help drain.

7. Helps to feel calm.

Basil oil has a sweet scent. It has the properties to promote a feeling of calm when inhaled. Helps to concentrate And reduce depression symptoms

8. Basil keeps mosquitoes under control.

Mosquitoes are classified as carriers of dangerous infectious diseases such as dengue fever and elephantiasis and also cause itching when bitten by mosquitoes. But if anyone wants to repel mosquitoes The smell and oil contained in the basil will help repel mosquitoes. Also, if the basil leaves are boiled in 110 ml of water for 2-3 hours, add 110 ml of vodka and mix into a spray bottle. It will have mosquito repellent spray from basil that can be used to spray on the body. (Except for the face, eyes, nose and mouth) to prevent mosquitoes when going out as well.

9. Kill acne.

The results of a study from Naresuan University showed that the ethanol extract of basil leaves had the best inhibitory effect on the growth of bacteria that cause acne. When compared with other basil plants such as basil, etc.

There are also dangerous basil.

There are precautions in using essential oils from basil in spa treatments. The essential oil of basil may cause sensitive reactions. Therefore, pregnant women should avoid using essential oils from basil as well.

Different basil and basil

Many people confuse basil, basil and basil because the leaves are similar. And although basil is a plant family of basil and basil But they are quite different. Especially the scent of all 3 types of herbs will have a distinct aroma. Because there are different kinds of essential oils

Menu from basil What can you do?

– Stir Fried Eggplant with Basil and Minced Pork Soft, delicious, sweet meat with fried vegetables technique, beautiful color, not black.

– Dory fish with basil sauce Clean menu, easy to make, delicious to eat, fragrant

– Fried noodles with basil chili paste Delicious vegetarian menu

– Baked mussel with basil, easy to taste, just bake in a pot.

– Rice, scrambled eggs, curry paste, basil Thai spicy eggs

– Ginger basil tea, herbal drink with aroma

– How to store frozen basil and basil leaves Extend the shelf life of easily rotting vegetables for use over the years.

I know this and I would definitely want to eat more basil, right? But whether you eat fresh basil as a side dish or add basil to your food. Do not forget to wash the basil thoroughly before eating as well.

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