Combine herbs to cure fever Good medicine from nature

Fever is caused by the body’s ingestion of germs, viruses or bacteria. Infection and inflammation The process of expelling pathogens in the body works by sending white blood cells to eat the pathogens in the red blood cells. It’s called the body’s defense system. But if the body does not adapt to the changes from the work process of white blood cells or weakened immune system. It will result in a fever. If you have symptoms of overheating or high fever, you need to take antipyretic medication to help. But if you have a high fever for 24 hours in a row, it can be dangerous. Therefore should urgently see a doctor

In Thai traditional medicine, the bitter taste of herbal medicine is used. Treatment of fever, inflammation. Bitter herbs have a cooling effect, help reduce fever, nourish blood and bile. Helps with appetite and digestion Helps to sleep and excrete well. Most of the bitters found in the alkaloid and terpene groups. Including the group of glycosides (glycoside) and flavonoids, but a small percentage.

Alkaloids are organic substances that have a bitter taste, insoluble but very soluble in organic solvents. They are found in different parts of angiosperm. The main effects of alkaloids are neuroprotective. There are many types of terpene. But there are some diathpines that contain the most bitter substances, such as in the paniculata. Which has an antipyretic effect and has been found to help protect the liver from toxins Help the digestive system work better. Anti-inflammatory and cure diarrhea Stimulate the work of the immune system Antibacterial Treatment of diseases in the respiratory system, colds, sore throat.

Bitter flavor is responsible for stimulating the bone marrow, producing white blood cells and eating pathogens that red blood cells. Is to clean foreign bodies that enter the body This will increase the immune system to fight off germs. But if you eat a very bitter taste, it will result in too many white blood cells to eat red blood cells. Causing the amount of white blood cells more than red blood cells Therefore do not use the drug with bitter taste consecutively for a period of more than 7 days.

A bitter taste for people with heart disease. Or people with bloating, colic, tightness, fatigue, but in the event of a fever, chills, because the body is cold, it has chills. This group will not use bitter or cold medicine because it will increase the cold inside the body. But will use a hot-tasting drug such as ginger to expel the cold from the body

The treatment of fever can be both a recipe and a single drug. Or drugs that can be found online Which can be used in the form of food and medicine The formula is a drug on the national list of major drugs, which is five roots or Benjalokwichien. This drug is also used to treat dengue fever. Chikungunya fever is good. And Yajantalila This will be used to cure wind and fever caused by the lungs. It is a fever that is usually well after 2:00 pm, as for the most commonly used single-drug drugs such as paniculata and there are also herbs and grass groups. Has properties that cure fever as well

1. Phthalibol

Use the leaves / whole plant, bitter taste, fever, cold, tonsillitis, dysentery, diarrhea.

How to use for fever, cold, headache, hot body, use 1 handful of leaves and branches (dry, heavy 3 grams, weight 25 grams), boil water and drink before meals 2 times a day, morning-evening or when having symptoms.

Andrographis and capsules are available commercially. Which is much easier to use than boiling drinking water

Caution, paniculata is a cold medicine. Use for up to 7 days, if used longer than this may cause chills or cold hands and feet. Muscle weakness Or being exhausted

2. Wormwood

The vine tastes bitter and cool to cure all kinds of fever. Solve the heat in thirst Make the blood cool, nourish, bile, nourish, fire, appetite, use, use 30-40 grams of vines, squeezing out drinking water. Or boiled with clean water by boiling 3 parts water, then simmer the remaining solution for 1 part drink before meals, 1 tablespoon each time, 2 times a day, morning – evening, or when symptoms

3. Crow’s feet grass

Use both bitter and cold plants to neutralize fever, make the heart moist, cure bruises In the method of use, use the whole plant, 1 handful boiled water to reduce fever Keeps the mind moist, or the whole tree is pounded with alcohol Apply a mask or apply to cure swelling. Solve burning pain in the body

4. Hibiscus flower

Use sweet and cool flowers by using 4 hibiscus flowers soaked in 2 glasses of boiled water and drink them differently. Will help quench heat, relieve thirst and cure fever well

5. Royal lotus

Use pollen and astringent flavor, cure fever, cure phlegm and blood, nourish pregnancy, nourish the heart, nourish power, use flower pollen or whole flower. Boil drinking water to cure fever. Or use the petals to cook as a food for fever

6. White flower grass

for both cold and nasty plants for reducing fever and coughing. Method of use Take both the plant and the leaves to boil with drinking water to relieve fever.

7.Kaw’s foot grass

Use both bitter and cold to cure fever, cure fever for good, cure, dry, cure jaundice. How to use: boil the whole plant with drinking water to cure fever. Helps to moisturize the mind and cure the bruising in

8. Coon

Use bitter and sour flowers, cure fever, drain the stomach, cure the night, cure chronic wounds. Cure stomach disease How to use: Cook it as a dessert or a food to eat to cure fever.

9. Palas

Use flowers with astringent bitter taste to neutralize diuretic fever, use flowers for cooking. Or boiled with drinking water to help reduce fever

10. Ginger

Use the spicy rhizome, cough, fever, flatulence. By taking 10 grams of fresh old rhizomes and 2 grams of dried ginger, boiled with brown sugar. Drink to treat symptoms Or use 2-3 stalks of old ginger, pounded thoroughly, boiled in water to sweat. Reduce the symptoms of fever due to colds

These herbs are easy to find. Can be used to cure initial fever But don’t leave it for long And if you have a high fever, you need to see a doctor to determine the cause. Because if the disease spreads may lead to other diseases, it will make treatment more difficult.

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