How to care for banana leaves

Banana leaf grape (Calathea Orbifolia) beautiful leaf air purifier that is popular. If anyone has followed the field of beautiful air purifying plants, they will be able to see as in the foreign Instagram that took a picture that is very beautiful and very eye catching.Many people like to plant it to decorate the room and decorate the house. A fine line on the leaves Besides being beautiful The price is already quite high. How to take care of the banana leaves that have beautiful leaves. Did not find the yellow card problem. The burned edge of the leaf seems to be quite a challenge. It is considered a difficult cultivating plant as well. In this article, how to take care of the banana leaves to read as a guideline.

How to take care of banana leaf grapes

Banana leaf grapes (Calathea Orbifolia) are native to Bolivia. His distinctive point is that it has a large leaf size. On the leaves there are fluttering stripes. The shade of green is very beautiful and has a very unique appearance, but the cultivation method is quite difficult to keep the leaves beautiful. To be honest, there is no fixed formula for what kind of raising him will be good for him. But there are some guidelines to know the character of Chao Bai Banana So that the party can understand and adjust the method accordingly

Summary of what Khla Klang likes and can grow well

– The banana leaves are cultured indoors. Do not like being exposed to direct sunlight. Airy Well cultured in a shade Or at home we call it the sun
– prefers well-drained soil Prefers moisture, but the soil must not be too moist. Or too dry (It’s hard to please!)
– Watering, as I say, likes humidity, but don’t be too humid. Therefore, you have to keep watering with moisture, but be careful not to be too humid Do not let the soil wet. Otherwise, you will see the pranksters with yellow and shriveled leaves.
– International website provides information that It grows well at temperatures of 65 ° F (18 ° C) to 75oF (24oC).


Assumption When the symptoms of yellowing and burning

Yellow leaves may be due to excessive wetness of the soil. Likes humidity but not wet Water when the soil begins to dry out.
– The leaves may be burned due to the sun jump too much (In Thailand, as you know, how strong the sun is scorching) Banana leaf grape does not like the strong sun.
However, although there are methods of care that may be a little difficult to take care of. But if you like it and want to get it, don’t be afraid or hesitate! Or, you could find another tree you think is nurturing right for you.

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