Moringa leaves are very useful medicinal plants.

Moringa tree is not difficult to find in our home. But believe that many people do not know more about Moringa. Which was a serious mistake Because Moringa is a very useful herb, it may compare with other superfoods.

Know the moringa tree first

Moringa is a medium-sized perennial plant, 3-4 meters high, with translucent tree shape, leaves similar to tamarind leaves arranged alternately, the lower green leaves, the color is lighter than the top. The flowers are white, with 5 petals. Fruit or pods are 20-50 cm long, look like drumsticks. Fruit rinds or pods are green with a neck. And the rounded part at intervals along the length of the sheath. The pods to the skin are brown. The seeds have a brown round membrane, small, about 1 cm in diameter.

Nutritional value

1. High Protein On average, Moringa has twice the protein than fresh milk.
2. Rich in vitamin A 3 times more on average than carrots
3.Calcium is about 3 times higher than fresh milk.
4. Potassium in Moringa is 3 times more than bananas.
5. Very high in fiber
6. Low calories
7. Rich in eight essential amino acids: Isoleucine (ISOLEUCINE), LEUCINE (LEUCINE), Lysine (LYSINE), Methionine (METHEONINE), Phy Nylalanine (PHENYLALAINE), threonine (THREONINE), tritone gene (TRYTOHYAN) and amino acid valine (VALINE), all of which are essential amino acids the body produces. Not myself

Moringa leaves, the best properties

The properties of Moringa penetrate almost every part of the Moringa tree. Whether it is Moringa leaves, Moringa pods, bark or Moringa roots, however, Moringa leaves are high in vitamin C, vitamin A and B vitamins. Plus iron is equally high. Until foreign research has cited Moringa leaves as a kind of superfood! Let’s take a closer look at what other properties the Moringa leaves have.

1.In folk medicine, Moringa leaves are used to mask the wound to help stop the bleeding.
2. As a diuretic laxative
3. Make it easy to fall asleep
4. Fever
5. Reduce blood fat.
6. Nourish the liver
7. Helps to cure scurvy.
8. Cure inflammation
9. It lowers blood pressure. When the extract from the leaves is mixed with water and ethanol.
10. Prevent the occurrence of gastric ulcers.
12. Relieve joint pain
13. Treat eczema
14. Extract from the leaves can stimulate the work of the metabolic system.
15. Maintain healthy cells in the body.
16. It can fight free radicals.
17. The freshly squeezed juice of Moringa leaves has antibacterial activity.
18. Extract from the leaves has the effect of lowering blood sugar levels.
19. Helps to maintain the work of the digestive system.
20. Help maintain hormonal balance in the body. Helps stabilize the mood

Beware of eating Moringa

1. Patients who eat Moringa for a long time. Should regularly check liver function. Because some patients who use Moringa for a long time. It was found that there was an increase in the liver enzyme value.

2. Pregnant women should be careful about eating moringa in every part because animal toxicity trials show that Eating moringa for a long time may lead to the accumulation of certain substances. Which can be toxic and cause miscarriages

However, many properties of moringa had to be extracted with moringa leaves by solvent. For easy feeding of laboratory animals Therefore, if we are to eat fresh moringa seeds, it may help cure disease and maintain health as well. But do not expect too much of the treatment result And you should not eat Moringa in large quantities. Or eat continuously for too long

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