Rungjea, Herbs, Detoxification Drug addiction – alcohol addiction is fine!

Just the name of the herb Rachdm is familiar enough to be heard or passed through each other’s eyes. Because Raghad itself has been extracted into capsules or brewed tea to allow us to more easily reach the raghad. And if anyone still does not know The properties of Rungchuea Let’s get to know this type of chirot herb.

Fame with a name

Raghd is scientifically known as Thunbergia laurifolia Linn. In the English name that Raghad is known as laurel clock, blue trumpet vine, or laurel-leaved thunbergia, but in our country, Rachdew has quite a few names. Whether it is that Being the Milky Way, the edge of Cha Nang, Khao Khiao, Khealy Kheaw, the green tea, spit cold, like that of the water, the water, the thorn, or the thorn, and so on.

Botanical characteristics

Raghd looks like a ivy. A brownish green vine Quite round shape The rumpet leaves are oval, with a rounded base, about 4-11 centimeters in width, 10-16 centimeters in length, and somewhat square, with a pointed tip, tapering, thick, glossy, petioles 1-6 centimeters long.

Ragged petals are purple. Conical Sepals smooth The petals are separated into 5 lobes, each lobes are oval, with rounded ends with yellow inner tubes with 4 male stamens. The tip of the pod is pointed and slightly curved to form a bird’s beak. The young pods are green. When old, the color will turn blackish brown. If fully mature, the pod will split into two halves.

Good properties

The properties of Rangchuet that I would like to offer a lot are as follows.

1. Cure a fever

Raghad is a herb that has a cool taste. According to the Thai herbal medicine recipe, Rachue is used to make green medicine and drink it to reduce fever.

2. Cure diarrhea, diarrhea

Since Rachuea herb has the effect of detoxifying wrongly manifested or other toxins, it can be used to cure diarrhea, diarrhea.

3. Neutralize the king crab

In horseradish or pufferfish, there is a toxin called Tetrodoxin (Tetrodotoxin), which, if humans are exposed to this toxin from eating horseshoe or pufferfish, it can be fatal. But a report from Chumphon Khet-Udomsak Hospital revealed that two patients who ate horseradish and received this toxin showed better symptoms after being given a tube through a tube. And finally survived

4.Relieve poisoning, insecticide, boredom

Folk healers often use Rachdem to neutralize villagers who have received insecticides. Various types of nephrotic drugs by freshly squeezed fresh raghad leaves to drink pesticides patients as soon as possible. It is the first aid before delivering to the hospital. Consistent with research in mice found that The aqueous extract of the leaves have the effect of anti-toxin paraquat. By reducing the mortality rate of lab rats

While studying at the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University Was found as well The mice that ate the powder from the Racheaw root mixed with strychnine solution. No harm has been shown to be able to absorb this toxin. However, for its use in humans, the proper dosage needs to be studied.

While the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Have suggested how to use the ragged to detoxify from pesticides or Pesticide by taking 5-7 fresh leaves, squeezed with 1 glass of water (250 ml), eaten before meals for 3 consecutive times for 7 days, recommended for only 7 days because the trough has a cooling effect when eating consecutively. The body can lose balance.

5. Rambut helps to stop drug addiction.

Department of Physiology Faculty of Medicine Srinakharinwirot University Has studied the effect of Raggea extract on brain cells and found that Raghu has neuroprotective effects similar to amphetamine and cocaine drugs. It has the same effect on dopamine secretion as the action of the aforementioned drugs. Therefore, the addiction patients were treated with extracts from Raghadam. May bring the patient satisfaction as well as substance abuse. Therefore, Rambut may be another alternative to treat addiction with Thai herbs.

6. Helps to cure drunk-quit drinking.

Faculty of Pharmacy Chulalongkorn University The effects of Raghdea in the anti-alcohol poisoning on the liver were studied. They prevented hepatic death from alcohol poisoning in vitro and in rats exposed to alcohol by reducing AST, plasma ALT and hepatic triglycerides. And reduced liver histopathological changes compared to alcohol-only rats.

In addition, a study by Khon Kaen University that studied the effects of Rangchuea on alcohol deficiency symptoms found Rambut Extract Helps reduce depression and has a positive effect on behavioral changes in rats. Without reducing anxiety However, Racheal extract can reduce the damage of nerve cells in mice due to lack of alcohol.

While Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital It reveals the properties of Raghdea that help maintain liver care and help reduce breath alcohol levels. By giving the volunteers to drink the juice extracted from the leaves 15 minutes before drinking alcohol, it was found that Raghdra extract can reduce the alcohol content. From the breath alcohol level test In addition, there is also evidence of folk wisdom that Raghdra is used to fight alcohol poisoning, such as helping to reduce drunkenness And helps reduce hangs after drinking alcohol, etc.

7. Anti-inflammatory

Raghdua is an herb that is very high in antioxidants. It is reported that local medicine healers use it to treat rashes, itching, insect bites, herpes zoster. Raggy has anti-inflammatory effects as well as steroid drugs.

8. Relieve pain and swelling

Traditional folk remedies are used to pound the leaves and apply them to the area that is painful or swollen. The substance in the ragweed leaves will reduce the inflammation that causes pain and swelling, including pain. Swelling from poisonous animals Ragdm leaves will help neutralize the bad.

9. Solve irregular menstruation. Nourishes women after childbirth

Thai drug recipes: use Rungchea to cure irregular menstrual symptoms. And use it to nourish the woman in the fire to have better health as well

10. Solve the heat in thirst

With a cool herb flavor Rachdew has properties to cure the heat in Can be thirsty too

How is it used?

There are 4 ways to eat Raghdad as follows.

1. Boil

Take 10-15 leaves, add enough water to flood, then boil over medium heat until the water boils, set aside 15 minutes, turn off the heat, filter only the water to sip into tea Drink no more than 5 times a day.

2. Eat fresh

Wash the leaves thoroughly before chewing 4-5 fresh leaves at a time.

3. Brew type

For brewed raghad leaves, use 2-3 grams of truffle leaves per time and brewed with 120-200 ml of hot water 3 times a day before meals. Or when having symptoms


Take 500 mg – 1 gram capsules 3 times a day before meals.

However, there are some precautions to use with herbs as well.


Precautions for eating Raghdad

* If you have a medical condition or need to take medication on a daily basis Should consult a doctor before eating Rachdad. Because I may accelerate To expel them from the body Causing a decrease in the effectiveness of the drug If taking other drugs

* Should not eat Raghad for more than 30 consecutive days because it may cause the body to cause cold, hands, feet, numbness, blood, wind, walking inconvenience Due to the effects of cold At the same time, some studies have shown side effects from taking large amounts of rambutan to cause the blood, liver and kidneys to function abnormally.

* In case of eating to detoxify the body May be eaten only when symptoms are present. When it is recovered, it stops. Or eat Raghdad 2 days a week, should not eat together every day

* Caution should be exercised in the use of diabetic patients. Because it can cause dangerously low blood sugar. And there is numbness in the hands – feet

* Take Rachuea away from other drugs at least 2 hours.

Raghdee herbs are both good for your health. But for the safety of the body We should not consume the same herbs over and over as it may affect our health. And the best way should be to eat a complete diet of 5 groups and get enough sleep Including regular exercise for good health.

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