The properties of Centella asiatica that you know will love this herb even more.

Believe that many people would have heard that many people have been bruised in drinking water with Centella asiatica. Because it will help to recover from the bruise faster But did not know that the actual herb named asiatica Which is a Chinese herb that has been used since ancient times, it also has many other properties, including helping to nourish health, cure diseases or even help nourish beauty. I want to know each other, right? What other good properties are green herbs that are good for you? Let’s take a look at our picks for today. I can only say one word that I know, I will definitely forget about those green scents.

1. Solve the problem of varicose veins

As the blood vessels lose their elasticity, the veins rupture and cause blood to flow around the legs. It is the cause of swelling known as varicose veins. With studies showing that eating asiatic leaves It can reduce swelling and stimulate better blood flow. In the study, more than 90 volunteers were conducted with symptoms of varicose veins. And when eating asiatic leaves, it was found that the symptoms of varicose veins were better compared to those who took a placebo. And when doing ultrasound, it was found that those who took asiatic leaves had reduced venous leakage.

2. Heals wounds and heals some skin diseases.

One of the key substances that results in the Asiatic leaf become a powerful herb, its properties are triterpinoids. All triterpenoids that have been studied in animals have shown that they can help heal wounds. That is because such substances will act to increase antioxidants to the wounds. And stimulates the blood flow to the wound area more As a result, the wound will gradually heal in less time. In addition, the substance from Centella asiatica also helps prevent scarring as well. How to use it, it is not necessary to pound the Asiatic leaves and apply difficult to wrap Because now there is a type that is a cream mixed with an extract specifically to apply Just choosing the right type of wound can be of great help.


Excessive heat in the body can cause fever, fever, thirst, and inflammation. Therefore, eating Centella asiatica has a cooling effect. Thus can help reduce body heat It also helps to expel hot toxins from the body as well.

4. Expel toxins, heat and humidity.

Diseases caused by heat and humidity such as jaundice, urinary stones or dysentery can be alleviated by eating asiatica. Because Centella has a bitter and cold effect. It can help break down the moisture in the body and expel heat. But should be eaten in moderation Because if you eat a lot, it can cause the body to cool too much and be dangerous.

5. Reduce anxiety Help calm the mind

Triterpenoids (Triterpenoids), which are substances in the Asiatic leaf. In addition to helping to heal wounds and heal some skin diseases, it also has an antispasmodic effect and stimulates the brain’s mechanisms. One study found that people who took asiatic herbs were less likely to be shocked by noise than those taking a placebo. But it has to be used in a very high quantity Therefore, there has not been a definite confirmation of what dosage should be used in order to be effective and will not cause any adverse health effects.

6. Treatment of sclerosis

Due to the Asiatic. Has the effect of reducing various inflammation in the body, so it can be used to relieve the symptoms of the patient with hard leather. A study of 13 women with scleroderma found that Using Centella asiatica can reduce joint pain. And reduce the occurrence of hard leather As well as make the movement of the fingers in a better way However, it must be in the dosage that is controlled by the doctor only

7. Helps relieve insomnia.

Anyone who often does not sleep well, try to find Asiatic leaves to eat as well. Because Centella asiatica not only reduces anxiety but But still can help calm and relax the mind Makes it easier to sleep By just eating regularly before going to bed It will help you sleep better.

8. Lower blood pressure

Department for Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Has come out to suggest that the Centella asiatica is one of the herbs that can help lower blood pressure. Because the Asiatic will make the veins and capillaries stronger. It also helps reduce stress which causes high blood pressure. However, the way to eat is not difficult. Just take Centella asiatica to juice and bring it to drink. Will be mixed with a little honey Or mixed with other fruit juices to reduce the greenness, it can be done

9. Reduce swelling.

Swelling and bruising are caused by a malfunction of the circulatory system, resulting in congestion. Eating asiatic leaves, whether it is a juiced drink Or a type that is an extract capsule It can help reduce swelling and bruising around the wound. It also reduces inflammation that can cause swelling as well.



Centella asiatica is another plant that is rich in antioxidants. Thus helping to prevent free radicals from destroying brain cells As well as help relieve the fatigue of the brain Increase brain activity and memory Plus, it can reduce depression. And can help inhibit the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease occurring in the brain

11.Treat infection

Centella asiatica is another herb that effectively helps cure the common cold. Plus help treat urinary tract infections Including many other bacterial and viral infections that can be called no matter what infection. Asiatic leaves can help heal them. However, it must be used in the right amount. And under the supervision of experts

12. Relieve symptoms of fatigue.

Besides treating various ailments, Centella asiatica can also help restore the body from exhaustion. And if eaten during hot weather, asiatic water can help reduce body heat and quench your thirst as well.

13. Nourish your skin to be youthful.

Centella asiatica is another very close beauty herb that is so because Centella has substances that promote collagen and elastin in the body. Helps keep the skin soft, moist and youthful. In addition, the antioxidants in Centella asiatica also help inhibit the aging of the skin. So it shouldn’t be surprising if you could see the name of Asiatic as one of the ingredients in skin care products. However, fresh asiatic leaves can also be used to mask the face as well. With the following methods

How to do it

1. Take fresh asiatic leaves and wash them. And then cut into small pieces
2. Blended or ground with 1 glass of clean water.
3. Apply a face mask or a cotton swab moistened with Asiatic water and apply over the face. Leave it for about 15 minutes.
4. Rinse with cold water. Do it every day before bed to help make your face look younger.

14.Eliminate cellulite

Girls who are troubled by cellulite that is the enemy of your beauty. Women are here to tell you asiatica can help you. Just eating Centella asiatica on a regular basis will help fat cells and cellulite to be excreted from the body more easily. Including helping the circulatory system work better And reduce inflammation caused by cellulite as well

15. Nourishes hair and scalp.

Many people with hair loss problems will seek every possible means to maintain healthy hair and scalp in order to achieve dark hair. Centella asiatica is another herb that has outstanding properties in this field. Most of the hair loss problems are caused by weak roots and poor blood flow to the scalp. The asiatic leaf has the effect of stimulating blood circulation around the scalp. And also helps to maintain strong hair roots Prevent hair loss, making new hair stronger and more shiny without having to rely on chemicals at all.

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