Top 10 expensive trees that Thai people are most popular to decorate their homes

Expensive trees are beautiful trees. Is a tree that has been identified as an auspicious tree Or a tree that has a high price in the wood market This includes a group of small and medium-sized ornamental plants that have been newly developed. Or species that are rare today, there are both flowers, leaves and large perennials. The purchase and sale prices of these expensive plants range from thousands of baht to the millions of baht.

Expensive trees are sold in a wide variety of species and sizes. So if you are one of those who are looking for a sacred tree or beautiful flowers that are popular to grow or are exotic trees with high prices, let’s take a look at the top 10 most expensive trees in Thailand as follows.

1. Golden teak

As for the golden teak, it is a very expensive tree that has a very high value in Thailand. This is a rare and ancient wood that has to be bought and sold properly. The golden teak will give a beautiful wood pattern. The wood is brown and golden yellow and has a high strength. Therefore, the price is too high. The longer the golden teak tree stands, the higher its price. But expensive trees like golden teak used to build houses today are often grown exclusively for sale.

As for the age of wood that should be used to build a house, it must be at least 15 years or more because at this age it will make the wood strong enough to support the weight and be used as suitable parts of the house. For example, if the golden teak is 5-10 years, the price is 1,000 baht per cubic meter, the golden teak is 16-20 years old, it is the cubic meter. 3,000 baht per cubic meter, golden teak wood aged 40 years and over is 12,000 baht per cubic meter and golden teak wood 50 years and above the estimated price is 25,000 baht per cubic meter, which is considered very high in the group of Wood that was bought and sold in the expensive tree market Therefore, building a house in an area of ​​about 300 square meters, whether it is a one-story house or a two-story house, golden teak, will cost up to 6-7 million baht.

2. Rosewood

Siamese rosewood is another expensive tree that has been registered for Restricted Type A under the Forestry Act of 1941. There will be 158 species in Thailand, which is a tree that can be used for construction as a home. But must be recognized by the authorities only This is a wood that can be grown in a house and used for various purposes within the country only. Exporting is strictly prohibited. It is forbidden wood that is used to build houses or to build homes. Must be examined and authorized by the government only. Siamese Rosewood, common name Siamese Rosewood, is native to Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. It grows well in raw, dry and tropical mixed forests. For Thailand, rosewood is considered one of the high auspicious wood for the foundation stone or the main pillar of the house.

With the properties of beautiful patterned wood It is strong and durable. The wood is quite tough and has a good sheen. Because there will be oil inside the wood Therefore, Thais are popular to create a Thai house with a variety of carving tools, including making a musical instrument that will sound good and give a lot of strength And as the expensive rosewood ranks among the world’s most expensive trees Thus causing a large number of illegal rosewood cutting The longer life and the larger the trunk, the higher the price. Buying and selling is higher than teak. If the rosewood is almost a hundred years old and still in perfect condition, it will cost as high as 500,000 baht per cubic meter. 200,000 baht per cubic meter ever.

3. Rosewood

Rosewood or Phaduchan It is one of the expensive trees in the Padauk family group. The common name is Burma rosewood, which is one of the subfamily of Pradu. It is native to Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, and is also grown in Singapore and Malaysia. Expensive trees like rosewood are characterized by beautiful wood grain and distinctive wood details. With high strength and durability as well It has been used to make houses, tools, appliances and carvings into various devices to add more beauty. The rosewood is a medium to large wood, up to 25 meters high, the wood looks light brown. But when the bark is removed, the wood inside will turn beautiful yellow. The heart of the plant is purple and has beautiful interior lines. It is classified as one of the expensive and rare trees registered by the Royal Forest Department. Therefore, the purchase to build a house or use it as a component in the house must be approved by the government.

Rosewood is also featured in its very high wood density. It can be used to make house poles, joints, various parts of the house or even agricultural tools. Including furniture that will give beautiful patterns and give strength Therefore it can last for ten years Therefore considered valuable wood The trees that grow within nature are therefore dwindling because they are also being cut. For these reasons, prior authorization for any field of use must be obtained from the Royal Forest Department. As for the price of rosewood, it is as high as that of the support that is used per cubic meter per hundred thousand. The price depends on the age and texture of the wood.

4. Wanphet Hueng

Although it is called “Naphet Hueng”, it is one of the rare species of orchids. It is the largest and most expensive tree in the world. It will have a yellow-green flower. And will have a distinctive brown dot pattern It is considered an expensive species and ornamental plant. Due to the fact that planting is quite difficult The height of Wan Phet Hueng is only 1 meter, so the price has surpassed 30,000 baht or more. Selling a small clump to grow by yourself, the price is 400 baht or more, the price depends on the nature of the plant and growth. Wanphet Hueng is considered to be an expensive plant among the most difficult to cultivate orchids and is quite difficult to grow. Including the flowers will give just once a year and the flowers will be out for more than 3 months and then wilt. It is considered one of the very expensive and requires very careful care.

5. Kankra

Kanekra is an expensive tree that is a medium to large tree. There will be both beautiful flowers blooming. Can be up to 25 meters high with a tree of Surin province and many other university trees. It is an expensive tree that can be planted in mixed forests and near water bodies. Originated from Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, India and Malaysia. For Thailand, Kanekra can be grown in every region. Because it is a tree that is very suitable for growing in Thailand The bark is smooth and brown. As the plant ages, the trunk will split and become noticeably furrowed. It is considered one of the trees that can provide benefits from the bark, leaves, fruit and flowers. People have been used to make herbs to treat various symptoms as well. It is also an auspicious and expensive tree that gives flowers a fresh scent.

It is one of the wood that is used for the ritual of setting up the main pillars and building houses To enhance the prosperity of the people in the house and to use in the ceremonial laying of the foundation stone as well, can also be used wood to make agricultural tools, equipment and various materials is excellent. Because the wood has high strength The ancient people still believed that the Kankra tree would be able to prevent evil very well It is suitable for building houses or making various parts of the house with confidence in making home posts because it is a wood that is very well resistant to termites and weevils. For the Kankraa tree, the trunk size is only 4 inches in height 4.5 meters, the price is 3,500 baht per tree, the taller, bigger and longer the tree. The price will be much higher as it is. Which the highest price could have surpassed the hundreds of thousands


6. Chan Pha

Chan Pha is an expensive, beautiful and medium-sized tree that can be planted inside a pot. In most cases, it is popular to decorate the home garden or indoor various plants are perennials that have round stems and quite thick. With a lot of branching out There will be leaves at the top of the branches and grow into a bush. In addition to giving freshness with dark green leaves alternating with light green Also easy to care for because it grows well in drought areas. The leaves are slender, long with a pointed tip that looks like a spear. Most people will plant it in the front garden because it is an auspicious plant. With a faint scent coming out from the beginning in the morning and evening When placed in front of the house will make those who walk – come Or those in the house can get this cozy scent and add relaxation as well.

As for the ancient belief, it is believed that the Chan Pha tree has a slender blade like a sword or a spear. Thus helping to prevent disaster And protect the enemy well Can bloom Which if one is planted until there is a flower, it is believed that it will give good luck and attract only positive energy and good It is one of the most popular trees that are popular to be planted in many homes. Jan Pha has medicinal properties that can help cure many ailments. It has the common name Dracaena Cochinchinensis. Which will have a name quite similar to Wasana tree because it was the same family and was classified in the family of asparagus or asparagus.

As for the height of the moon, it may be as much as 17 meters in the mature tree. But for growing it in the house, it is preferable to a height of 1.5-4 meters for plants that are about 1 meter high and more expensive ornamental plants grown in pots The price starts at 500-1,000 baht per tree, but if it’s a special Chan Pha Tuen or Jan Pha Mongkol. The price of such an expensive tree can range from thousands to tens of thousands of baht. The trees that are tall and large and have been around for a long time or are rare species, they cost a hundred thousand baht or more.

7. Palm Bangsun

Bangsun Palm is an expensive tree featured in its large leaves and in every diamond shape. Therefore giving it beauty that it almost looks like it was decorated In foreign countries, Bangsun Palm is hailed as an expensive ornamental plant that is beautiful because of its diamond-like leaves. Suitable for growing in the garden. Able to shade well and refresh with a green gradient from dark green to light green on the same leaf. Considered as one of the palm family that is beautiful. It is an expensive and rare tree as well. Which according to the Bangsun Palm, there are many species But it will look similar with a large leaf and a plump stalk. It has either a fresh green leaf, a gray leaf or a silver leaf. And a pattern of palm trees that are similar to coconut trees but are shorter It was found only in the southern part of Thailand and became an expensive ornamental plant that was sold at 2,500-10,000 baht per plant in the still mature tree and the adult tree was charged at 300 baht per inch. Ever


8. The monstera tree

Monstera, an expensive plant that is used as an ornamental plant, is gaining in popularity today. Because they can be planted in pots and placed in the living room or planted within the condo properly There will be a choice of up to 50 varieties to be planted together. As for the price, it is considered quite strong. Because expensive plants like monstera are useful for the residents of the house. The tree will give you fresh green leaves. Thus making them feel comfortable and provide good oxygen in the house. The leaves are large and patterned. Ready to give shine like a fake tree ever

It is considered to be one of the more expensive trees to grow as a replacement for flowers as well. Make the house or condo in a modern style. And decorate a minimalist house It is instantly refreshed. It is also a tree that is easy to raise. Small trees cost from 300-1,000 baht, but if they are an alkaline monster or is a special species, it is an expensive tree with a price ranging from 5,000 baht to tens of thousands or more. Therefore considered to be very suitable for the title of the Queen of Leaf The specialty of the monstera is that it increases the oxygen in the home, absorbs odors, absorbs moisture and toxins in the house as well. Ready to give you a fresh feeling all day long No matter which corner of the house is located, the stylish pot will give you beauty and comfort all day long. Therefore, the monstera can be both an ornamental plant. Expensive plants and home decorations are outstanding ever.

9. Suphachok Tree

Suphachok or Phut Suphachok, commonly known as Pachira aquatica, is a perennial plant that can grow in the tropics. It is one of the most expensive trees that originated in the South American country. The highlight of the Supachok tree is the trunk that looks like a braid. It is considered to be a tree that is strange and the top will branch out and become a leaf. Will give a comfortable green leaf Can be planted both inside the pot and through the soil. It is one of the auspicious trees in Thailand that is believed to be planted to bring good fortune. Wealth and wealth enter the house Make everyone in the house have only good fortune It is also an expensive Chinese ornamental plant that has been called “Yao Qian Su” which also means calling for money

The trunk on the top will branch out into a leaf and become a canopy. If introduced into the soil, it can be as high as 20 feet and the bush can be as much as 3 meters. Once grounded, it will have relatively large roots and the roots will hold the soil. It is considered to be one of the plants that help conserve upstream as well. Within 1 stalk there will be about 5-8 leaves and a shiny green color. Is dark green With flowering is white It also has the effect on the hard shell and the inside is a seed of the Suphachok tree. When this seed is broken The seeds inside will fall to the ground and grow out to become supachok.

For Thais, it is popular to grow it as an expensive ornamental plant in the front garden and is grown inside the house. Because the Supachok trees can absorb odors and absorb various toxins in the house, giving flowers that are beautiful. Make you feel comfortable and the flowers are white with a light scent. As for that seed, it will be sold at 600 baht per kilogram ever. Small to medium-sized trees with beautiful weaving trunks are expensive trees from thousands to ten thousand baht, and the bigger the tree, the higher the price will be.

10. Lucky Nine

The nine-tiered chok tree is one of the auspicious and expensive trees that Thai people plant a lot. The ninth layer of luck is the bull face tree that is considered an expensive ornamental plant. Because the flowers will come out as a brown stick and come out as a bouquet that grows in the middle of the stem But for the prominence is that the larger leaves stacked into 9 layers, ancient beliefs that nine layers of luck are wood that can attract fortune and good luck. Including wealth and property Will have originated from the Central American continent This expensive tree forms a bush and thrusts the stem out of the soil and forms one large leaf per stem.

This tree has properties that are apart from being auspicious: when grown as an expensive ornamental plant in the house, it helps absorb moisture inside the air and absorb toxins within the house. Is therefore another ornamental plant to purify the air That people today are very popular to grow In which nine strata of luck will have many species But one of the most popular and most expensive tree species is the lucky nine, the alkaline layer, which differs from the usual nine-layered luck in that its leaves are spotted. It is alternating green, light green and cream in one leaf with a jagged edge and a nine-tier stacked leaf. The price of a fortunate expensive tree, nine medium-spotted layers, will rise to each tree. 5,000 baht and more, the more strange colors and patterns, the higher the price.

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