Various types of gardenia flowers, beautiful flowers that can be used to make crafts.

Gardenia paired with a pair of Thai houses Can be used for a wide variety of beautiful flowers. Can be used to make crafts Some are trees in the literature. Has a unique fragrance It also has a beautiful trunk shape and should be planted in which there are many types of gardenia flowers. Therefore, there are various kinds of gardenia collection to choose from.

1. Three colors gardenia

Scientific name: Brunfelsia uniflora (Pohl) D.Don
Family: Solanacae.

Medium-sized shrub, 1-3.5 m in height with many branches. Canopy, round, dense The branches are small and brittle, single leaves, oval leaves, greenish yellow top. The veins and the middle of the leaves are yellow. The tip of the petals is slightly wavy. This gardenia flowers when they begin to bloom dark purple then gradually fade to light purple. Until it turned white and then fell Fragrant throughout the day, flowering all year long, needs a lot of water. Full sun or half day

2. Gardenia

Scientific name: Tabernaemontana orientalis R.Br.
Family: Apocynaceae.

This type of gardenia is a shrub 2-6 m tall, all parts with white latex, single, oval or lanceolate leaves. The tip of the leaf is tapered, the edge of the leaf is smooth, the leaf surface is smooth, glossy green. The ventral side is lighter in color than the back. The inflorescences are white, fragrant, single-layered petals. Stacked together in a circular shape The white petals are connected to a light yellow tube. When the three flower buds are used to string garlands or make artificial flowers

3. Gardenia

Scientific name: Tabernaemontana orientalis R.Br.
Family: Apocynaceae.

Gardenia flower is a shrub with a height of 30-150 cm, all parts with white latex. It has a lance-shaped back. Prominent for the leaf plates are dark green, shiny, white to yellowish spots. Gardenia speckled into a bunch of white. Like water moderately Sunny all day to half day. Can be used in a variety of landscaping styles.

4. Gardenia

Scientific name: Gardenia jasminoides J. Ellis
Family: Rubiaceae.

Medium-sized shrub, 1-2 m tall, very branched, single leaves, lanceolate, glossy green leaves, single white flowers, both single-layered flowers and double petals. Flowers are fragrant, flowering all year round, often not fruitful, there are many varieties, like full sun – half a day. If sunlight is not enough, it will rarely bloom. Moderate water requirement If you trim the bush to make it airy, it will make the flower bigger. The tree and leaves are suitable for Thai garden and forest garden. Popularly bring flowers to hundreds of garlands to worship the monks Classified as a very beautiful gardenia.

5. Pudnam Buat

Scientific name: Gardenia carinata Wall. Ex. Roxb.
Family: Rubiaceae.

Medium-sized shrub, 1-2 m tall. The trunk can have many branches, but the branches are brittle, single leaves, oval, dark green, glossy. The lines are pronounced on both sides. Single flowers are axillary near the apex. The flowers begin to bloom white then turn yellow in the next day, flowering all year round, like full sun day. Need a lot of water Suitable for outdoor groups. Or planted as a potted plant

6. Phut Sethi Siam

Scientific name: Tabernaemontana pachysiphon Stapf
Family: Apocynaceae.

Dense canopy, height 5 meters, all parts of the trunk are white latex. Characteristics: single leaves, dark green, white flowers, split into 5 petals, twisting like a turbine, flowering all year long, need moderate water Full sun day Popularly led to the root of the propagation by plugging the top. If using a rose as a rootstock, it will grow well.

7. Pudpichaya

Scientific name: Wrightia antidysenterica R.Br.
Family: Apocynaceae.

Medium shrub, 1-2 m in height, reddish brown trunk and branches, single lanceolate, parallel edge. The upper leaves are dark green. Below light green The flowers are clustered out in the axillary area at the end of the branch. Calyx, pale green and yellow, white flowers at the base of the petals are connected to form a narrow tube, flowering all year long, prefer medium water and full sun all day long. Can be planted as a potted plant to decorate the site or to be planted into the plot

8. Phud Vietnam

Scientific name: Gardenia jasminoides J.Ellis
Family: Rubiaceae.

Medium-sized shrub, 1-2 m tall, canopy, densely packed, numerous leaves, double, oblong, dark green, glossy on both sides. Single white flowers Out at the apex The base of the petals are connected to a white tube. When the flower is 5 cm in size, the flowers bloom for two days and sprinkle. Sends a light fragrance all day long, flowering all year long, needs full sun day, moderate water, can be used for landscaping as various shrubs. Suitable for Thai garden Can be planted in a pot or planted in an outdoor plot as well.

9. Put on the side.

Scientific name: Brunfelsia americana L.
Family: Solanaceae.

Medium-sized shrub, 1-1.50 m in height, canopy with many branches. Making a canopy of a lanceolate, a single lanceolate flower into a bouquet When it starts to bloom, it is white. When it is in full bloom it will begin to turn yellow. And twist them side by side like a turbine Sends a fragrant aroma in the evening, flowering all year round, likes full sun for up to half a day. Moderate water requirement Suitable to be planted as a potted plant, planted along the fence along the walkway blocking the corner of the wall.

10. Phut Phuket, Phut Pa

Scientific name: Gardenia thailandica Tirveng.

Family: Rubiaceae.

Tree, 3 – 6 m height, trunk, thick bark, light brown, few branches, single leaves, oval, inverted, tapered leaves. The upper leaf surface sees the small groove lines, distinct single flowers, the flowers begin to bloom, soft white, then turn yellow and dark yellow, 2 days blooming, then sprinkled with a mild aroma throughout the day. Adorned in the seaside villas

11. Phut Supachok

Scientific name: Gardenia jasminoides
Family: Rubiaceae.

A low shrub 1-3 m high, gray skin, branching out, leaves round, single leaf, rounded, glossy, green, clustered flowers at the tip of the white flower, the base of the flower is an oval tube, the tip of the petals. Can be planted as an ornamental plant along the edge of the plot or the part that needs to be trimmed

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